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As a rule, spotlights are chosen for lighting large areas – parking lots, yards of apartment buildings, warehouses, playgrounds, stadiums, but there are also small portable spotlights for lighting the courtyard. And if earlier, when using incandescent lamps, these devices were large and bulky, then with the advent of halogen and LED lamps, their size decreased significantly.

Not only the sizes of the best spotlight differ, but also the technical characteristics, the brightness of the lighting and, accordingly, the price. How to choose an outdoor spotlight for street lighting or with a motion sensor? Which is better – halogen or LED? What is it worth paying for, and what devices can I refuse? In all this, the ranking of the best spotlights, compiled by real customer reviews will help you figure it out.

Rechargeable, handheld & led spotlights

With Lithium-Ion battery



This cordless spotlight is a powerful and long-lasting LED device. Whether at home, camping, in a vehicle or during a roadside emergency or power failure this probably one of the best spotlight will allow you to illuminate even the darkest of work areas. A tightly focused beam provides up to incredible figure if 2000 lumens of output. With the proprietary CLO (continuous light output) technology, it allows the Stanley FatMax lithium-ion rechargeable spotlight to run up longer and brighter traditional halogen-based spotlights without dimming.


  • At 300 feet, you can see very brightly and in detail
  • Time will tell how long the quality is good for, but this thing is crazy bright and throws extremely far
  • Battery life has been great


  • The adjustable stand on the top is almost pointless
  • Sometimes i wish the bright/dim setting would “remember” as opposed to always coming on high



I liked that there are three bright LEDs that illuminate dark areas on construction sites while one bright red LED provides night visibility.

There are two types of brightness settings provide flexibility for maximum light output or longer life and a 90-degree floating head provides versatility for illuminating work surfaces.

The light can be seen up to 465 m. There are 1000 lumens. The floating head allows you to work in hands-free mode “Hands-free”, and the light can be projected in several directions, while the instrument is at the base. The belt hook provides increased versatility during transportation and uses in several places in hands-free mode. Built-in hook for use in several places in hands-free mode. It also features an extruded lens cap that provides enhanced durability and scratch resistant surface.

  • Even the lower-brightness red setting is more than sufficient to light up a room
  • It was kicked, knocked over, and accidentally bashed around inside the washing machine repeatedly. Nothing burned out!
  • I have found that the light does tend to tip over if stood on end and positioned on a 45-degree angle

GOODSMANN 9924-H101-01

GOODSMANN 9924-H101-01

Powerful LED spotlight has a high level of protection against mechanical stress and weather conditions. This device can be the best rechargeable spotlight you’ve ever used. The case consists of cast aluminium material produced under high pressure. Thanks to the movable head part, the owner will be able to control the brightness and luminous flux of the backlight independently. A powerful LED, combined with a large reflector, gives a strong directional beam up to 100 m, and the sidelight panel gives additional illumination.

The flashlight is powered by a built-in 4000 mAh battery and can operate continuously for 8 hours. It has 3000 lumens.

  • Since it is power by lithium ION batteries I have to assume that is will last a long time
  • Can see for ways with is light
  • The thing I don’t like is the three modes. I wouldn’t mind if it turned off and it when you pulled the trigger, but you have to go through all three modes to turn it off. One mode would be great
  • It is actually quite smaller than it looks in the picture



One of the best handheld spotlight is a multifunctional device that combines a number of features and advantages, thanks to which it is an indispensable assistant during a hike, relaxing, in a trowel, in a garage, at home, in a country house and in a household farm. It has 530 lumens.

It also features a Lithium-Ion battery that stays charged up to 12 months without recharging and two operating modes that deliver runtime of up to 10 hours.

  • Confidently illuminate a space up to 300 meters
  • The design of the device provides for the possibility to change hands which hold the spotlight flashlight with no difficulties
  • Cold blue-white light that disturbs the perception of the real color

With alkaline battery

Streamlight 44902

Streamlight 44902

This pretender to be the best led spotlight intrigued me with its simple design. The model was created as a professional handheld led spotlight with the latest useful features and high-quality components. It is suitable for cavers, rescuers, climbers and many others. The flashlight impresses not only with its brightness and ease of use but also with its high reliability. It boasts 50 lumens.

This lamp is equipped with TIR lenses, which contribute to the effective focusing of the beam with the desired parameters. By themselves, they are already an important part of the optical system.

  • Trigger power switch that can be pressed lightly for momentary light or a little harder to latch on.
  • Separate mode switch rather than needing (annoying) multiple presses on the power switch
  • 12V DC cord for car or boat (he rechargeable version provided no way to charge or replace batteries on my boat)
  • This model is splash and dust resistant but not submersible
  • Lack of differences between the lit and unlit zone

Corded 12-volt spotlights

Brinkmann 800-2301-0

Brinkmann 800-2301-0

This device with 1200 lumens is among the list of the best spotlight for long-distance. Special attention is given to the housing of this rechargeable led spotlight. It is aluminum and is additionally protected from scratches and corrosion by hard anodizing of the surface. It is a very rugged, shock and vibration resistant housing. It also has a thread for fixing the flashlight to a standard tripod. In addition, the shell is well waterproof (IPX-8 standard), due to which the spotlight can normally work even in the rain.

  • It has increased strength and remains operational after hitting the ground when falling from a small height
  • A powerful battery allows the flashlight to work in the economy mode for up to 18 days
  • In size it is like a pocket, only the weight in it gives out a manual searchlight
  • The trigger is supposed to widen the beam and turn the light from more of a spotlight into a searchlight. When I press the trigger, I notice no appreciable change in the throw of the beam



The NoCry Spotlight uses an 18 Watt CREE XHP-50.2 LED which has an efficiency of 165 lumens per watt; equalling a maximum output of 2,654 lumens. As 1000 lumens is sufficient to illuminate darkness over 300 yards, we have programmed our LED to shine at 1000 lumens for the maximum setting, giving 6 hours of run time at this brightness, maximizing the usability of our product.

Sturdy black ABS stand holds 12v spotlight in place when you need both hands free. It’s adjustable to allow you to set up the spotlight so that the light beam shines upward at any angle from 22º to 61º above the surface, or downward from 0º to -54º, if placed on the edge of a surface.

  • Adjustable focus, long working hours
  • Universal and suitable for everyone
  • The back cover needs to be removed, but the silicone “O” ring inside is too tight. The cover could not be removed by hand
  • Found some channel lock pliers – didn’t work, too small

Outdoor spotlights

Corded spotlights

Woods 0434

Woods 0434

The manufacturer of this corded spotlight is going to make this device the best spotlight for the money. Great floodlight for a great price. Much brighter than expected. I would describe the light color as “daylight”. And it is obvious because it has 200 lumens in the case. While testing, it has been through rain and covered in snow and is definitely waterproof. It comes with interchangeable lenses in colors red, green and blue. It has a heavy-duty body and closed lens design. This outdoor LED stake light can withstand the elements, dust and dirt to ensure long-lasting durability.

  • No fooling with incandescent floodlight bulbs. Set the red or green filter, and off you go. They hardly use any power as compared to the old floods I used to use
  • Some people were unhappy with the coverage, but I use it for my front walkway, and it gives off the same amount of light that the old one that I replaced did
  • The only drawback is the length of the cord, it is short, so you need to order some outdoor extension cords



Next, let’s look at a model of a spotlight from Hykolity. These are simple and reliable spotlights that can decorate your backyard.

The body is made of aluminum alloy and covered with special enamel – it guarantees the preservation of the device’s original appearance for a long time. The manufacturer claims 50,000 hours of diode life. At the same time, the high level of energy efficiency (only 10W) and the long service life of the diodes guarantee an economical use of the floodlight.

The spotlight has good characteristics. The luminous flux of the device varies from 205 to 540 lumens, depending on the model, and the color temperature is 3000 K. The light from the spotlight is warm and not very diffused, which creates a kind of coziness in the garden.

This model comes with connectors attached to electrical cords, making it incredibly easy to plug them into the main wires going to the transformer. The model’s design includes the heavy-duty stake, which makes it possible to place the floodlight in the ground or sand.


  • The device has an IP65 protection class
  • Has an adjustable head with fixation
  • Power connectors are brittle plastic

Solar spotlights



LITOM solar spotlights can be widely used for lighting different areas. Most commonly this spotlight is used to light garden, pathway, yard, front porch, etc.
Charging during the daytime, this solar landscape light automatically runs from dusk till dawn.

2 Lighting Modes Available. Low Light Mode: Enables when you press the button once. The light will charge during the day. It will automatically light up DIM light in darkness or at night. High Light Mode: Press the button twice, the landscape light will charge during the day. It will automatically light up bright light in darkness or at night.

This unit has 600 lumens.

  • The lights come on when it’s dark out. I have them set on high. The lights last at least 7 hours
  • I love that they highlight my entire front of the house using six lights and I don’t have to keep my front porch lights on burning electricity
  • Much brighter than other economy lights I have had
  • But they seem very sensitive to any amount of shade
  • A slight overcast day will not sufficiently charge them
  • Placing these LITOM 12 LED Solar Landscape Spotlights in the same location as another brand, they do not hold a charge all night long

Buyers guide

What is better LED or halogen?

I will compare LED lamps and halogen according to the main parameters that best characterize both light sources.

LEDs win in all respects, since they provide a bright and powerful luminous flux, a clear cut-off line. The temperature of the light is also as comfortable as possible for humans and is close to daylight.

In this case, everyone makes a choice. For someone, bright light and long service life are important, for someone – a low price. On our own, we add that the popularity of LEDs is growing every year, and manufacturers are constantly improving their design. Such light sources will be a good alternative to the usual halogen.

Alkaline vs lithium batteries

Non-rechargeable batteries are divided into alkaline and lithium.

Alkaline batteries are those whose electrolyte in batteries is alkali of a special composition. There are quite a lot of types of such batteries. They are specially marked.

Alkaline batteries are most often produced with parameters of 1.5V and 2600 mA / h. A distinctive feature is that they are stored for a very long time (about five years), but are discharged from the very beginning of use.

Lithium batteries have a long shelf life. They work at very different temperatures, as they do not include water. Also, such batteries have a high energy density. Lithium batteries consist of a lithium cathode, an anode of various materials and an organic electrolyte.

How many lumens do i need for a spotlight?

You need to determine how many meters you need to light.

1 Lux = 1 Lumen / 1 m2

A lumen is a unit of measurement of luminous flux, and this characteristic is necessarily indicated in the passport of the LED spotlight or on its packaging.

We will calculate for a 50 Watt floodlight, which gives 100 lumens for 1 Watt of power. Therefore, with a device giving 5000 lumens, an area of 500 square meters can be illuminated. m. A beam of light of a standard searchlight opens to 120 degrees, creating a light spot in front of it.

Using a geometric formula, we calculate that the illumination is 500 square meters of the area of the light spot extends into the distance by 13 m, and in the direction of the spot will approximately extend to 26 m.

Spotlight power sources

There are many kinds of spotlights that are distinguished by the power source they use. The most common power suppliers are different kinds of batteries, 12 volts, solar panels and a simple charging from the socket.

The power source predetermines the weight of the unit as well as the design of it.


How far can you see with 6000 lumens?

The answer to this question really depends on what you are using the light for. If you are looking for a bright light to help you see things in the distance, then 6000 lumens should be more than enough. However, if you are looking for a light to use for tactical or security, you may need something with a higher lumen output.

How far will 1000 lumens spotlight shine?

A 1000 lumen flashlight will typically have a beam distance of around 300 yards. Keep in mind that the brightness of the light decreases exponentially the further it is projected, so at shorter distances, the light will be much brighter than at longer distances.

What is a good number of lumens for a flashlight?

This is a difficult question to answer because it depends on the application. For example, a flashlight used for general purposes around the house may require fewer lumens than one used for hunting or law enforcement. That said, most people agree that a minimum of 10 lumens is needed for a basic flashlight, while anything over 100 lumens is considered high-powered. 200 to 500 lumens is considered a good range for EDC (every day carry) flashlights.

Are LED spotlights good?

LEDs are good because they have a longer lifespan, use less battery power, and come in brighter options.

What is the difference between a flood and a spotlight?

A floodlight produces a wide beam of light that covers a large area. A spotlight is designed to illuminate objects at longer distances and usually has a narrow beam.

Do outdoor solar lights work in winter?

Most solar lights are designed to work in all weather conditions. However, if there is a lot of snow or ice on the ground, the light may not get enough sunlight to function properly. In general, solar lights work better in climates with more sun exposure.

What is the best way to clean a flashlight lens?

The best way to clean a flashlight lens is with rubbing alcohol and an old toothbrush. This will remove any oily residue that has built up over time.

Do solar lights stay on all night?

Most solar lights will stay on all night as long as they have a good charge. However, if there is a lot of cloud cover or the light is in direct sunlight, it may not stay on all night.

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