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To determine whether you have the permission to leave your newly purchased an air compressor, we have to follow the next recommendations.

The compressor should be installed in a room away from frost, direct sunlight, heat, rain, and moisture. Ensure free access to dust-free air to the compressor.

In compressors operating in very cold conditions, the lubrication process is extremely insufficient due to thickened oil. Along with this, cracks may appear in the compressor housing due to the non-drained drainage condensate.

In compressors operating in very hot conditions; on the contrary, the oil loses its viscosity and does not sufficiently lubricate the moving parts of the compressor, which leads to deformation of individual parts of the equipment.

The absorbed hot air negatively affects the quality of the injected air. Therefore, it is necessary to install the compressor in a clean and cool room. In a dusty room, the compressor sucks in dust and foreign particles, thereby polluting the air filter.

Along with this, dust settles on the pipes and cylinder, increases thermal insulation and slows down cooling.

The first oil drain must be done after 25 hours of compressor operation. Subsequent oil changes for a normally working compressor are every 300 working hours, and for a compressor operated at regular intervals, this period is 300 hours or three months.

To drain oil from a cold compressor, it is necessary to turn it on and warm it up to reduce viscosity and increase the fluidity of the oil. Hot oil drains much easier. Open the drain valve completely and drain all the oil. Never clean the inside of the crankcase with benzene or thinner! Pour in new oil to the required level after the crankcase is completely empty.

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