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With the invention of the nail gun, there were a lot of questions: what is the best air compressor for nail gun, what nails should I use and so on. Here we discuss one of the most problematic questions.

Many people use nails and a hammer to attach certain elements. But this option of fasteners can not be called convenient, except that it is considered to be difficult. In the process of fastening, a person spends a lot of strength to hammer one nail. And what will happen if you need a large number of them? In addition to the energy spent and a pile of nails that could not be hammered for the first time, you will not receive.

Today, this method of attachment is a thing of the past. In its place came a new tool – a pneumatic gun. It will screw the nail in the right place in a matter of seconds, and all you need for this is just to click on the appropriate button and direct the tool with the fasteners to the right place.

Each type of gun has its own fasteners. Therefore, before choosing them, you need to determine the model of the tool used and the scope.

Such nails have a difference in the height of the nails, which allows a number of construction works. These include the following:

  • fixing the roof to a wooden crate
  • fixture of floor coverings
  • decoration of the exterior walls of the house
  • covering of internal premises
  • fasteners for door or window casing without any damage or deformation of the product

The air gun and nails developed for it are actively used today by companies that produce furniture. Thanks to such a device, it became very convenient and quick to manufacture product parts, while the quality of the coupling remains at its best. The scope of application of the gun and nails can be listed without stopping, then in this matter, it is important to choose the right fasteners.

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