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The compressor is a reliable assistant for a small home workshop, car service, and large production. Even the best 60 gallon air compressor can’t refill itself with the oil.

Piston models require constant lubrication of the moving parts of the piston group. Oil changes are made periodically, following the manufacturer’s recommendations. Between maintenance, it needs to be added as it is spent.

The oil in the reciprocating compressor is the main consumable. It is designed to solve the following problems:

  • lubrication of moving parts reduced friction
  • cooling parts of the piston group
  • knock control
  • additional sealing of working chambers

If a decrease in tightness only reduces the performance of the unit, insufficient lubrication or overheating can lead to failure of the unit, costly repair, or even an accident. Therefore, the owner is obliged to monitor the level and replenish its stock as it is spent.

Continued use may damage the compressor. After a short use, immediately change the oil to the recommended one.

When changing the oil in the compressor, follow the instructions in the user manual for the specific model. Specialists made several general recommendations:

  • Be sure to turn off the power before starting the replacement
  • release pressure
  • Unscrew the plug, drain the old grease into the prepared container. It is better to take a flat cuvette with a capacity of 1/3 more than the passport volume of oil
  • Some models are recommended to be tilted towards a drain opening
  • After the oil has completely drained out, carefully screw the plug. Wipe off any splashes that could get on the housing
  • Fill new lubricant to a normal level

A slightly increased amount of oil must be poured into reciprocating compressors – part of the lubricant will be distributed on the surfaces of the parts.

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