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Pneumatic equipment cannot be imagined without a compressor. When buying a nailing gun, you should immediately think about how to choose the best air compressor for nail gun.

If we are talking about the construction of wooden houses, the repair, and decoration of premises, about any work where you need to connect the surfaces with nails, then no one will deny the need for such a tool as a nailing gun, or in another way, a nailer. Among the presented variety of nail guns in the market of construction tools, a nailing gun with a pneumatic drive is considered the most popular among builders and ordinary homeowners.

The compressor pressure should be no less than that of the consuming device. It is important that during operation, the air pressure changes. For a compressor with a maximum pressure of 8 bar – 5-8 bar, for 10 bar – 6-10 bar. Pressure fluctuations must be taken into account for smooth operation. The performance of compressors may vary depending on the ambient temperature. Therefore it is better to take a compressor with a capacity margin of 30-50% of the calculated one.

When classifying modern compressors, it is necessary to take into account many factors, including the field of application, the presence or absence of lubricant, and design features used to compress air. According to “oiliness,” units are divided into oil and oil-free. Each species has its advantages and disadvantages.

In some areas, only oil-free machines are suitable. This applies to the food industry, medicine (in particular, for supplying air to dental units) and pharmaceuticals. It requires very clean air without impurities. The help of filters with such high requirements is useless: they are not able to “sterilize” from oil. Dry compressors are often used for painting, upholstered furniture production.

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