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Whether you have an air compressor but don’t know how to increase pressure on it, this article will be helpful for you.

All compressors operate according to one common scheme. Having collected the required amount of air into the receiver, a compressor controlled by automation stops pumping.

The electric motor does not receive power and stops rotation, thereby not driving the compressor pistons. As soon as the pressure in the receiver reaches the minimum set value, the compressor starts again and replenishes the airflow.

The timely shutdown and start of the compressor is controlled by a device called a pressure switch. It interrupts the electrical circuit that feeds the engine. The process of pumping to a maximum lasts 6-10 minutes. The difference between the maximum and minimum pressure is usually already set by the manufacturer, as a rule, this difference is 2 bar.

However, it is also possible to independently adjust the compressor pressure, while both pressures are applied to the correction – the highest and lowest, but only in the lowering direction.

The principle of operation of the pressure switch (pressure switch) is the resistance of two forces – the gas pressure on the membrane and the elasticity of the spring. In order to adjust the working pressure, it is necessary to remove the pressure switch cover, under it there are regulators in the form of threaded bolts, next to it there are direction indicators of the side into which the regulators should be tightened, compressing or unclenching the spring. A similar bolt is also located nearby – a regulator of the difference between the maximum and minimum pressure.

At the entrance to the tank, there is a valve. It does not allow compressed air to escape in the opposite way during the termination of the compressor. It is called a check valve.

Compressor pressure adjustment is also possible at the outlet of the receiver or directly in front of the air consumer. Moreover, this method is much more convenient and efficient. It happens as follows. Compressed air enters the gearbox from the compressor receiver. The incoming pressure is the maximum working pressure that needs to be adapted to the equipment consumed. The range of operation of all gearboxes is different and depends on the capabilities of the compressor on which it is installed. Some regulators have a pressure relief system on the side of the consumption line.

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