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For different purposes, different types of compressors are needed, so today there are a sufficient number of varieties of this equipment for industrial and domestic use. The following data will make it clear for you which type of the best 60 gallon air compressor you have to purchase.

Types of air compressors

By type of construction

Screw compressors consist of two rotating screw rotors, which, due to strong torsion, compress the air passing in the gap between them. This type of compressor can have high performance up to almost 43 м³ / min, and operating pressure in the range from 5 to 14 bar.

Compared to screw compressors, spiral compressors appeared not so long ago, but have already managed to find wide application in the industrial market. As the name implies, the main elements of this compressor are spirals that have an anti-rotation device.

By type of drive

Belt driven compressors, which are structurally composed of two or more cylinders, which successively compress air. As a result, air with a high level of compression can be obtained at the outlet. Such compressors are available with capacities ranging from 0.13 to 42.94 м³ / min and operating pressures up to 14 bar.

Direct drive compressors have a simpler design. In this case, the piston with an electric motor has a direct connection. The engine makes the piston move and compresses the incoming air.

In addition, oil and oil-free models can be distinguished among compressors

Oilers use oil to reduce the heating of moving elements. This type of compressor is more common in the manufacturing sector, as it has high productivity (up to 42.94 м³ / min) and low price.

Oil-free are less powerful, their maximum productivity is 8.53 м³ / min, and working pressure up to 10 bar. Since no oil is used in these compressors, compressed air is obtained without impurities, which makes it possible to use them in specific industries.

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