Home Air compressors How much air pressure does an impact wrench need

Do you already have the best air compressor for impact wrench to which you plan to connect tools, or are you just planning to purchase it? In any case, knowledge of the technical characteristics will be useful to you. Why? Let’s explain with an example.

If power is one of the important characteristics for a power tool, then for devices operating on compressed air, it is not indicated. But there are several parameters that are unique to pneumatics.

Air consumption – is just an analog of power and characterizes the volume of consumed compressed air per minute. The range for this parameter in different models ranges from 60 – 1130 l / min. The higher the value, the more productive the instrument will be. But this does not mean that you need to purchase the model with the highest rate. Otherwise, the compressor may simply not pull too powerful a consumer.

In the description of the pneumatic tool, you can see that the pressure value is indicated not in bars, but in atmospheres. When selecting devices for the compressor, it is customary to equalize these units, that is, 1 bar = 1 atm.

For an impact wrench need for compressed air is 400 – 1000 l / min, working pressure is 6.5 – 8 atm.

When choosing a pneumatic tool, it is worth remembering that it has characteristics inherent in electrical analogs. For example, for pneumatic drills and screwdrivers, this will be the number of revolutions per minute, for pneumatic wrenches – the tightening torque, for spray guns – the volume of the tank and the diameter of the nozzle. In this case, the choice will depend on the scope and intensity of use. Big indicators are usually inherent in professional tools. But when buying devices to perform simple tasks in everyday life, chasing high values ​​of characteristics is not worth it, because they may not be suitable for a home compressor.

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