Home Air compressors How much air pressure is needed for a nail gun

If you want your construction processes to be smooth and efficient, it is not enough to have a high-quality nail gun. Device’s parameters should also correspond to the environmental factors, in particular, atmospheric pressure. Why does it matter? Because a nail gun is a pneumatic tool.

Nails are shot into the wood thanks to the power of compressed air. This simple physical principle allows craftspeople to discard more primitive hand tools and make their work less energy-intensive.

So what is the ideal air pressure for a nail gun? The answer is not that simple. Much depends on a model and the way it is applied. Let’s consider several options.

Framing tools

Framing nail guns are most demanding in terms of air pressure. They are designed for large nails up to 3 inches that are used for rough construction operations. You need 100-130 PSI to maintain such exploitation mode.

Finish tools

Finish work involves a more delicate approach and the use of thin and long 1/2-3/4-inch nails. There are two diameter options for them: 16 and 18. The former nails are relatively strong, suitable for work with doors, windows, and basic trimming. The latter are thinner, can come in handy when working with intricate molding.
The main peculiarity of these nails is the absence of a head. Since holes are very small, it is easy to hide them. You can get a very neat result. 60-120 PSI is ideal for finish nail guns. It is worth taking the wood type into account. The harder the wood is, the higher the pressure should be.

Roofing tools

This group is also called “coil nailers” due to their specific exploitation: 1/4-1/2-inch nails made of galvanized steel are placed in coils and used for round housing. A gun itself seems to a belt. Such construction helps to avoid jamming. If you want it to operate smoothly, make sure PSI is 90-100. Keep in mind that the depth of nail burying affects roof’s life cycle. That is why the right PSI is so important!

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