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Here it is important not to confuse the impact drill with an impact screwdriver, which is sometimes more correctly called a wrench. For this tool to actuate it properly, we use the best air compressor for impact wrenches.

An impact screwdriver or wrench has a tangential impact (in a plane perpendicular to the axis of rotation), i.e., the effort to tighten the screws or nuts is not applied continuously, but with a high-frequency series of small strokes, as if you put a spanner on the nut and started tapping it with a hammer. The total applied force is calculated as the sum of the forces of these impacts per unit time.

An impact wrench is a hand tool that is widely used to fix threaded joints and fasteners. With the help of such a device, grouse and anchor screws are installed. The device on the modern market is presented in two versions: pneumatic or electric. The first works under high air pressure and its use is relevant for industrial purposes. To solve everyday problems, the second choice would be an appropriate option.

Externally, such devices are similar to pistols. The tool is equipped with a handle and a barrel, which consists of working elements and a number of systems. The latter also provides for the location of:

  • engine
  • springs
  • clamping

The principle of functioning also depends on how the wrench is arranged. When the tool is turned on, the engine starts, which receives energy. After that, it is fed to the gearbox. The latter, in turn, drives the clamp. If the model provides for a second spring, then this option is also suitable for loosening threaded connections.

The chucks have different hole options: 1/2, 3/4, and 1 inch. The first option is relevant to use for solving problems in everyday life, the second and third – in construction and car workshops.

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