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To understand how a grease gun works and how to use a grease gun, you must first consider its design features and its structural varieties. The answers to these questions will allow you to understand and explain the principle of operation of this device. So, let’s look at all the above nuances in order.

What is that device?

The grease gun, as the name suggests, is designed to quickly and efficiently lubricate various vehicle components: hubs, joints, various bearings, and many other hard-to-reach parts.
How does a grease gun work?

How does a grease gun work?

The operation of a grease gun is strongly influenced by its design, and in particular, by the type of action. The first includes mechanical grease guns, and the second includes pneumatic grease guns. The difference between these species is already indicated in the name.

Pneumatic grease gun

Operation of the pneumatic grease gun

Because of the presence of a special air compressor in this type of device, compressed air is used to operate it. Thanks to this design feature, the working pressure increases many times, therefore, the pressure and the lubricant supply speed also increase, making all the jobs the fastest and most efficient.

In fact, the very principle of admitting lubricant in two types of devices is roughly the same. Because of the reciprocating action, pressure is generated in the cylinder, whereby lubricant is forced out through the rod by the piston operated by the lever itself. When a high-pressure value is reached at the nozzle, a valve opens through which the lubricant enters the pipe.

Operation of the mechanical grease gun

The operator must manually press the handle of the device several times when the grease is to be released. Because of this action, pressure is created inside the device, which pushes the lubricant towards the nozzle. The more intensively the handle is squeezed, the more pressure is generated in the system, which will affect the power of the lubricant jet itself.

Operation of the electric grease gun

The electric grease gun is simple and easy to handle. The vast majority of the models currently available have a minimum pressure of 400 bar. It is also used with grease cartridges. It is sold in a carrying case for ease of movement. However, you should check the battery life and wait a second before using it. Electric pumps are especially suitable if you frequently lubricate different areas.

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