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Units of vehicles, special equipment, and various equipment need lubrication. However, to service some of them, you need special equipment – a grease gun. What it is and how to use grease gun safety, let’s figure it out in this article.

Scope of application

A grease gun is a narrowly focused device designed to lubricate moving assemblies through grease nipples. These grease guns enable lubricant to be supplied to the parts under pressure. You may have seen the use of grease guns, for example, during a routine inspection of a vehicle’s chassis. However, their use is not limited to this. Manufacturers designed these devices for the maintenance of complex assemblies that are subject to high levels of wear.

Safety Tips to Work With a Grease Gun

Grease guns are particularly popular with car mechanics. There is no need to dismantle cumbersome and complicated assemblies for routine inspection and grease replacement with such a tool. The grease nipple system allows you to lubricate everything quickly. And the gun’s flexible hose makes it easy to reach hard-to-reach lubrication points.

The tool also makes the service cleaner. The hermetically sealed tool body, the tight connection between the tip and the grease nipple, the lever that does not come into contact with lubricants – all this makes for a clean and pleasant work environment. However, as with any tool, you should use safety precautions when working with a grease gun.

Safety Tip for Grease gun using

To ensure the correct use of the grease gun, observe the following instructions:

  • Before using the gun, release one or two drops of grease through the nozzle to make sure the syringe is functioning and not clogged;
  • Always fully squeeze the trigger of the gun;
  • Respect the operating pressure of 6 bar maximum;
  • After each use, purge the air in the tube using the purge;
  • Use all safety devices provided on the grease gun;
  • Do not neglect personal protective equipment to prevent any shroud injury.

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