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Solar energy has long been successfully used by mankind in conditions where it is not possible to connect to external power supply networks or where it is necessary to ensure the operation of electrical appliances in conditions of increased autonomy. The use of solar-based energy systems has not yet found mass commercial applications in the automotive industry but has been successfully installed as additional equipment on specialized trucks, camper trailers, and motorhomes.

Integrated Charger

Many car owners are familiar with the problem of discharging a car battery due to the long work of music, watching TV, the headlights not turned off, or just a long downtime of the car. Usually in such cases, to start the car you can use a specialized starting device that will allow you to use the energy of the sun to recharge the battery. However, when buying such a device, you must know exactly for which battery you will use it to choose the best solar car battery charger.

Such a device is compact and easy to use, it does not require a complicated connection in a car service or at specialists.

How to connect?

The charger is connected to the terminals of the car battery using clamps or cables with round terminals directly for permanent connection to the battery and is fully responsible for the charging process during daylight hours.

Often, the solar panel used as part of the kit is made using polycrystalline technology, which means that it can give out sufficient voltage in cloudy weather, when solar activity is not so high, and even in winter, with timely cleaning of snow from its surface. The system can work with all standard types of 12-volt batteries with a capacity of 50-90 Ah.

Such a solar system will be useful for those who plan to leave the car for a long time in a country house and would like to compensate for the leakage of current electric equipment of the car, maintain the battery in an optimal charged state and ultimately extend its trouble-free operation.

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