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Emergencies would require fast reaction. If the vehicle stranded on a highway, a jump charger is necessary. Its capacity is about 1,000-2,000 Amp. So you start the engine instantly and experience no delay. A trickle charger is used when the car is staying idle or stored. Long-garaged vehicles are to be maintained in working condition. The battery damage possibility is to be eliminated. However, is it so long to revive it?

Types and models of trickle chargers

The operation takes up to 24 hours. But don’t try to accelerate it. Slow charging is much safer. It doesn’t speed up the chemical reaction. Some heat is generated, but not too much. Some gasses are released, but no explosion happens. The garage is to be well-ventilated anyway. The connections are to be properly grounded.

As to the trickle chargers, they are different in performance. The battery charging speed is defined by their 2 ratings: voltage and amperage. The voltages a trickle charger can have are:

  • 6V
  • 12V
  • 24V

Most car batteries are 12V models. They are to correspond to the battery charge. It actually reads 12.65V after 24 hours of the vehicle storage. 13.2V rating is typical for float charging. 14.2V would keep the same car battery bulk charged.

Have you got a 6V charger? The batteries are typical for heavy-duty vehicles, like golf carts. 24V devices would be necessary for motorcycles and marine vehicles.

Does the amperage matter

Amperage is the basic rating that determines the charging speed. 40-amp trickle chargers are:

  • fast
  • efficient
  • not completely safe

This amperage can be sufficient to jump-start or boost the engine. When the battery is ultimately depleted, these devices are helpful. Are you having a camping trip? When you are stranded on the road or remote trail, use it. It takes only 3-5 minutes to get the car moving.

On the other side, these options can cause battery overcharging. The clips are to be disconnected in time. Otherwise, the battery is damaged. You are to use a device like a multimeter or voltmeter to test the battery. As soon it’s fresh, the charger has to be switched off immediately.

Why low amperage is preferable

A trickle charger usually puts out from 1 to 3 amp. The battery replenishing operation is a bit lasting. A 2-amp device adds about 1 amp of charge per hour. So, it takes not less than 24 hours to start the car.

However, it’s beneficial to keep the vehicle in good condition. Additionally, you don’t have to babysit the charging process. The best trickle charger is smart. It dials the amperage back when it’s essential. When the charging is at an end, battery resistance rises, current (amperage) falls. Overcharging is hardly possible. So, the operation is lengthy, but it’s worth it.

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