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When buying the best solar car battery charger, many drivers expect it to work wonders and help them out of the trickiest situations. In particular, they hope that such a unit can start a completely drained battery. Really, can it? Continue reading this article to dot the I’s and cross the T’s.

What a solar charger is

A solar charger is a device having a solar panel at the heart at its construction. Its operation principle is very similar to large installations supplying energy to commercial and residual buildings. A relatively flat surface with photovoltaic cells is exposed to sunlight that is absorbed, converted into energy, and sent to a battery

Innovation lovers who are excited about alternative energy claim that it is the solution of the future that will soon overshadow all other energy sources. Also, there are many critics, and for a good reason. Solar energy cannot be perceived as a universal cure. There are some limitations narrowing down its application area.

Is it possible to start a drained battery with a solar charger

Alas, no. Despite many advantages of alternative feeders, they are useless when it comes to starting dead batteries. In comparison with regular chargers, they provide extremely weak current. It is enough to maintain an energy balance on the move or replenish a bit discharged battery. But do not expect your device to provide quick results in challenging situations, even if the weather is ideal. After spending a week on charging, you can still not achieve the desired energy level.

The situation gets more complicated if it is winter and days are short, the sky is cloudy, a driver lives in a northern latitude, or a mounting angle is chosen incorrectly.
Some drivers try to get more energy by using several devices at once. But experts claim that this pattern is unsafe and recommend not to play with fire. Of course, you can buy one powerful model, but it will be rather expensive.

Is a solar charger useless

Finding out about the disadvantages of alternative feeders, many drivers decide not to buy such equipment at all. Do not take hasty decisions. The fact that such units cannot start a drained battery does not mean that they are useless. Their application area is just somewhat different.
It is best to have a regular charger and supplement it with a solar unit. Place an absorbing plate on a dashboard and safely travel long distances, knowing that your battery will always be freshly charged. There will be no need to look for a power source, which is particularly challenging while visiting distant areas like forests, villages, and wild beaches.

If you are familiar with regular trickle feeders, it will be easy for you to apply alternative units. They have similar operation principle and amperage (about 500-1500 mA).
We hope that the above material proves useful and will help you organize an efficient charging scheme for your car battery.

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