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Electricians carry a lot of tools as they work on-site to ensure they have the right instruments to tackle any possible situation. A multitool is one of the must-have devices for electricians as it provides great utility, adaptability, and precision in a compact format.

But finding the best multitools for electricians can be tricky sometimes. Considering the overwhelming variety of offers and insane diversity in prices, you might start wondering how you pick the one that would help you do your job efficiently without compromising your safety and bank balance.

In this review, I will do my best to make a choice more explicit to you. I will go over some of the good electrician multitool options that deliver outstanding performance and flawless quality.

Multitools for electricians comparison table

Name Material Weight Review
LEATHERMAN Surgebest for general purposes stainless steel 12.5 oz/335 g Review
GERBER MP600budget multi-use stainless steel 9 oz/255 g Review
Klein Tools J207-8CRbest for wire works steel 9.6 oz/272 g Review

Best multitool for electricians reviews

There is hardly a perfect multitool for electricians capable of covering all your needs. That is why I’ve split the reviewed goods into categories depending on the use – for multi-purpose use and work with wires. So, before you start considering this or that product, it is better to define how you will use the multitool in your daily life.

Electrician multitools for multi-purposes

Electricians plan, install and maintain electrical systems in various environments, so they desperately need numerous devices to tackle day-to-day tasks. Even though the best multitool for electricians of your choice might not have all you need to work with wires, you’ll get instruments like knives, screwdrivers, pliers, cutters, and some more to deal with almost all common situations.

LEATHERMAN Surge – best for general purposes


Hold 21 tools in your hand with one of the largest yet the most compact multi-purpose multitool for electricians.

This heavy-duty tool comes with extra-large scissors and full-sized knife blades for cutting, crimping, filing, and stripping differently-sized wires. The wire cutters wear out faster than you expect, but, fortunately, this item comes with extra ones. The blade exchanger allows you to switch between the t-shank and flat blades depending on your needs.

Similar to LEATHERMAN Wave Plus, the LEATHERMAN Surge is made of stainless steel and is also available in the black oxide variant. This item is slightly heavier (1 pound) than the Wave model, but only because it has more tools and longer knife blades (3.10 inches compared to 2.90 inches).

LEATHERMAN Surge photo

The all-locking features of this toolkit ensure every tool will lock into place for your safety. Outside-accessible features allow you to use some items when the device is folded.

LEATHERMAN Surge promises to let you open and operate the most critical tools with one hand. The multitool is a little bit stiff at the beginning, but this issue goes away with time. The black finish doesn’t stay on well, though it looks sleek.

The 21-in-1 LEATHERMAN Surge is the best multitool for electricians with a vast set of quality tools to cover a wide range of electrician tasks.

Key specs
  • Number of tools: 21
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Weight, oz/g: 12.5/335
  • 21 premium quality tools in one compact item
  • Full-sized scissors and knife blades
  • Replaceable wire cutters and blade exchanger (flat and t-shank blades)
  • One-hand opening and operation for critical tools
  • Wire cutters wear out fast
  • A little bit stiff at the beginning
  • The black finish doesn’t stay well

GERBER MP600 – best budget multi-use


Gerber MP600 will serve a wide range of electrician needs while delivering reliability and precision in any situation.

In contrast to LEATHERMAN Surge, the Gerber MP600 multitool is more compact and lightweight without compromising versatility and performance. It comes in a sheath, which could be attached to the belt so you can always carry the item with you.

GERBER MP600 photo

The whole construction is made of stainless steel, which proves to be rust-resistant. There are one-handed opening pliers for immediate accessibility. You can open them in one wrist-flip move, but be aware that joy might not last long – mine broke within 48 hours.

It also comes with replaceable tungsten carbide wire cutters for effortless replacement when they become dull. The cutters are unreliable, and their edges get easily shattered. Some screwdrivers are hard to pull out, so you have to struggle to get them out for use.

But all the flaws aside, this is a great compact and versatile multitool that won’t cost you a fortune. If you are looking for an affordable multitool to carry on your belt as you go to work, this is a great option.

Key specs
  • Number of tools: 14
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Weight, oz/g: 9/255
  • A compact and lightweight multitool that comes in a nylon sheath
  • Made of stainless steel
  • One-hand pliers opening
  • Includes replaceable wire cutters
  • Pliers sliding mechanism wears out quickly
  • Some screwdrivers are hard to pull out
  • Cutters get shattered quickly



Be ready for any on-site task with the LEATHERMAN Wave Plus multitool that features 18 comprehensive items. It comes with a nice sheath, by the way.

Like the LEATHERMAN Surge multitool, the Wave Plus model also comes in stainless steel and black oxide options. The black finish scratches and gets dirty easily. The Wave Plus multitool is lighter than Surge. The difference might not be dramatic when you carry the item in the toolbox, but you’ll immediately feel the difference as you keep it in your pocket or on your belt.

LEATHERMAN Wave Plus photo

The LEATHERMAN Wave Plus multitool has several cutting instruments, needlenose and regular pliers, a medium screwdriver with changeable bits, and wire tools (wire cutters, stripper, and electrical crimper) to equip you with every possible item you may need to get the job done. There is also a replaceable cutter in the set.

All the blades are sharp. External tools are uniformly excellent and easy to use. You can open the pliers and knife with one hand. However, they might be a little stiff at first. There are also locking features for some instruments to ensure safety as you work.

The LEATHERMAN Wave Plus multi-purpose electrical tool is crammed with plenty of useful stuff in one compact and lightweight item.

Key specs
  • Number of tools: 18
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Weight, oz/g: 8.5/241
  • 18 handy tools in one lightweight and compact product
  • It comes with a case and a replaceable cutter
  • Frequently used tools are accessible with one hand
  • The black finish gets messy and scratches easily
  • A little bit stiff at the beginning

Electrician multitools for work with wires

While multi-purpose multitools might be handy to cope with more general tasks, some items are designed especially for work with wires. They include the tools that would allow you to strip insulation, clamp, twist, cut wires, etc.

Even though it might take more than one multitool to cover all your potential tasks, you will benefit from having all the critical items at hand in a compact form. These tools will certainly enable you to carry out wire-based work faster, easier, and with less hand fatigue.

Klein Tools J207-8CR – best for wire works

Klein Tools J207-8CR

The all-purpose Klein Tools J207-8CR is a great blend of a wire stripper and long-nose pliers with a solid crimper.

Unlike a smaller Klein Tools J215-8CR tool, this one effortlessly strips 10-18 AWG solid and 12-20 AWG stranded wire. The long-nose pliers ensure you can easily grab and loop wire, even in tight places, and crimp non-insulated connectors, all with one tool. The spring inside the pliers maintains the optimal give and take even after use, making it a great device for electricians. But the pliers have the cutting edge only at one side, so turning them on the correct side is a 50/50 chance. Because of the narrow tip, it also gets slightly tedious to braid more than three wires together when making up joints in boxes.

Klein Tools J207-8CR photo

The Klein Tools J207-8CR multitool is made of forged steel for enhanced durability. The handle features a dual material, which ensures a better grip. You do not feel any fatigue when holding this item.

Mind that you may need to soak this tool in cutting oil for at least a day because it feels too stiff out of the box.

Regardless of minor flaws, Klein Tools J207-8CR is the best and strongest multitool for wire projects.

Key specs
  • Material: steel
  • Weight, oz/g: 9.6/272
  • Long-nose pliers for reaching wire even in tight places
  • Made of forged steel for better durability
  • The dual-material handle ensures a strong and fatigue-free grip
  • Require soaking in cutting oil to make them slightly looser
  • Only one cutting edge in pliers
  • Challenging to braid more than three wires

Southwire S5N1

Southwire S5N1

These 5-in-1 Southwire S5N1 multitool pliers bring all you need to work with wire in one compact design.

Similar to Klein Tools J207-8CR, these are also made of durable stainless steel. The double-material handle reduces fatigue and ensures a comfy and secure grip. The pliers boast a narrow, knurled head to ensure you can get to tight places. With this item, you can grip, strip, crimp, ream, and cut 10-14 gauge solid wire or 12-16 gauge stranded wire.

Southwire S5N1 photo

The handle of the Southwire S5N1 multitool has a slightly curved shape, making it easier to grab. Unlike the Klein Tools with the spring mechanism that might open up unexpectedly, this tool features the locking mechanism that keeps the pliers closed. Unfortunately, it fails from time to time. The cutting part is big enough to cut even several wires simultaneously. It’s sharp at first but gets dull too fast. You may find it difficult to twist multiple wires together using these pliers multitool.

The Southwire S5N1 electrician EDC is a great assistant for everyone looking for a functional 5-in-1 instrument for working with wires.

Key specs
  • Material: forged metal
  • Weight, oz/g: 5.6/158
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Curved handle for a comfy grip
  • A narrow knurled pliers’ head to get to tight places
  • Large cutting part to effortlessly cut even two wires
  • The locking mechanism doesn’t always keep the pliers closed
  • Tedious to twist multiple wires together
  • The cutting edge gets dull too quickly

Klein Tools J215-8CR

Klein Tools J215-8CR

The Klein Tools J215-8CR hybrid pliers with crimper and wire stripper is a multi-purpose tool that would allow you to work with wires more easily.

Unlike the Klein Tools J207-8CR with the sharp pliers’ end, the Klein Tools J215-8CR tool features a wide, knurled head that easily grabs and twists wires. This item has ergonomic holes for shearing 6-32 and 8-32 bolts, while the crimper works great for non-insulated connectors, terminals, and lugs. It also strips 10-14 AWG solid and 12-16 stranded wire without much discomfort to your wrist. So, mind that these pocket pliers might do for some basic wirework. But if you expect more cutting strength, you’ve got to consider getting Klein Tools J207-8CR.

Klein Tools J215-8CR photo

The dual-material handle doesn’t slip in your hand, ensuring a firm grip. There is no hand fatigue at all as you twist or cut the wire.

The wire stripper of the pliers is sharp, but it gets duller over time. Perhaps, that’s because it receives some friction from wire tips as you twist and cut them.

Generally, this is a great electrician wire stripping tool that would perfectly work as a pocket device for situations when you have to work with wires on site.

Key specs
  • Material: plastic/steell
  • Weight, oz/g: 12/340
  • Compact pocket hybrid multitool for basic wire tasks
  • Wide, knurled pliers’ head effortlessly grabs and twists wire
  • The dual-material handle ensures a firm and fatigue-free grip
  • It might not work for wires that require a great cutting force
  • The stripper gets dull over time


What brand of multitools do electricians use?

Probably Leatherman multitool, since they are known for their durability and constant innovation. Others use Gerber multitools or even Swiss Army knives, but the most popular seems to be Leatherman.

Which are the most valuable tools for an electrician?

Pliers, screwdrivers, and wire cutters may seem like the most valuable tools for an electrician, but these days it is much more likely that a Bluetooth speaker would be used in order to play music while working.

What safety accessories work with wiring?

Safety accessories, such as gloves and protective glasses, are a key part of any electrician’s uniform. In addition, helmets with face guards are also used by those who work on high voltage wiring.

What is a wiring multitool used for?

A wiring multitool can be used to strip wires, cut different types of materials, crimp terminals, and even serve as small pliers.

Is Leatherman worth the money?

Yes, Leatherman multitools are worth the money as they make it easy to complete complex tasks.

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