Home Marine batteries Why do marine batteries need to be in a sealed box?

Safety on the board is incredibly important. The sealed box is precisely the component of this safety. In this article, we will explain why the boat battery box is so necessary.

Reasons to use a sealed box

One of the principal reasons why a sealed box should be used is to prevent battery acid from spilling. In this way, the box serves to protect people who come into contact with the equipment, as battery acid can cause skin burns.

Besides, there is one more nuance of the dual purpose marine battery that needs to be considered. During the discharge of such a battery, the acid inside boils. Gas evolution accompanies this process. This gas negatively affects the human body, mainly the respiratory tract. The sealed box prevents these gases from entering the environment and removes them.
Also, the box is necessary if the battery is near the fuel tank one. Gasoline fumes and even the smallest spark on a battery terminal can create immense problems.

What type of batteries do the boxes need?

First, these are lead-acid batteries. They should be used together with a container to prevent acid spilling into the boat if the battery is damaged. And lead itself is a very toxic metal that negatively affects both the human body and the environment. Besides, these batteries use sulfuric acid. It is a very corrosive substance, which in liquid form can cause serious burns on the body, and as vapors – burns of mucous membranes.

The battery itself is sealed, but the extra protection will not be superfluous. The box will protect the battery case from any mechanical damage, as well as prevent acid vapors from entering the air. The only time you do not need a battery box is if your boat has a double-walled battery. An additional wall will protect the battery from damage and prevent gases from forming. However, this needs to be clarified in the battery specifications.

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