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The cleaning process can be very tiresome unless you have a pressure washer. On the market, you can find a great number of different models which makes it very difficult to choose one. Therefore, learning their peculiarities will help to find the best pressure washer for your needs. Outside your house, you definitely can find places that are tough to reach with hands. A power washer can reach them and even wash away old dry dirt. If to apply it correctly you can even remove rust from metal surfaces. Moreover, keeping your car tidy up will always bring you pleasure.

Gas vs Electric pressure washer

When the time comes to get a pressure washer to clean a driveway near the house, consumers face a dilemma. Which type of washers to choose, electrical or gasoline. Each of them has its own weak and strong sides and it is better to know about them.

  • Electric power washers are popular among house owners for their convenience of usage. In most cases, they are smaller in design which means that you do not need a lot of space to store them. To make them work you need just electricity and their assembling does not require so much time. You do not need to spend additional time on maintenance. Moreover, they are quiet what allows to perform cleaning in the morning before going to work. Form the negative sides you always need an outlet. Their life span is lower and electrical washers produce less power at a comparable cost.
  • When you get a gasoline pressure washer, you feel how powerful it is just because of loud noise. It is possible to use it anywhere as you do not electricity power to run it. In addition, as gasoline type of washers has higher durability. From their disadvantages, obligatory regular maintenance stands out. In order to keep it in the right shape, you need to change the oil from time to time. In order to assemble it you may spend more than half an hour and it is not easy to carry around. Moreover, gasoline washers are more expensive together with their maintenance needs.

Both of them are suitable for home and commercial use. If you plan to perform cleaning periodically and there is an outlet, then the electrical washer will be better. In case, you plan to use the washer very often and there is no guarantee for electricity, the gasoline washer will be more suitable.

Best Electric Pressure Washer Reviews

Karcher K5 Premium – best overall electric washer

Karcher K5 Premium
On the market, Karcher K5 Premium considers to be the best electric pressure washer overall. It has a nice combination of specs that allows to cope with various tasks. Buying it, you receive a powerful tool at not so high costs. It is not noisy what helps not to disturb neighbors every time you start cleaning something. This model produces 2000 PSI at 1.4 GPM of water. It is larger in comparison with other models, but the compact design allows to store it easily. In addition, it does not take a lot of time to assemble it and start working. However, some consumers are disappointed with its wheels. As they are small and not rubberized it difficult for this washer to move around the house.


  • The long hose reel allows to reach different places without moving the washer around
  • A detergent tank can be attached to the unit
  • It has a special water cooling system of induction motor that prevents overheating


  • It has a large number of plastic parts that can easily break it
  • While purchasing the unit, detergent tank you need to buy separately
  • The hose is not so strong to withstand cold temperatures

Powerhouse International – best for cars

Powerhouse International
Powerhouse International has become the best pressure washer for cars based on reviews. It has 3000 PSI at 2.2 GPM of water what is more than in the previous washer. Cleaning large trucks, SUV, 4×4 and large vehicles for farming is much easier with higher PSI and this washer can wash away even the most sticky mud and dirt. However, for household tasks, such power does not need so often. Together with a unit, you receive five different nozzles that allow to effectively cope with various stains. Moreover, with its design, you can carry attachments with it, which is convenient for long work. For some consumers, it can be a heavy electrical washer to carry with hands.


  • The washer can be easily unmounted from the cart
  • The cart has four wheels that provide stability and prevent from flipping
  • It has a smart system that stops the washer when you release the trigger of the spray gun


  • Not every outlet is suitable for this washer due to large in design power plug
  • The spray gun’s trigger is not easy to press what tire your hands
  • Due to heavy wheels and unit, rolling over wet grass can be difficult

Briggs & Stratton 20680 – best for money

Briggs & Stratton 20680
Consumers often need a washer for commercial use, to clean large areas and to remove severe stains. Briggs & Stratton 20680 has become the best pressure washer for money as it has a long life span. With a tough welded steel frame, it is difficult to flip it and if that happens you can be sure that engine and pump will not receive a direct hit. It has only 1800 PSI at 1.2 GPM of water, what does not look like a powerful model. However, it does not require so much electricity and water to cope with cleaning.


  • Due to small and compact design, it does not require much space for storing
  • It has a light weigh what allows to carry the unit around easily
  • Assembling and preparation for cleaning takes less than 15 minutes


  • The motor has a bad cooling system and during long cleaning process it may overheats
  • Together with a unit, you do not receive a bruise for lubricating the hose
  • Nozzles are not included in the purchase

Best Gas Pressure Washer Reviews

Karcher G3500 – best overall gasoline washer

Karcher G3500
Many users of washers prefer gasoline type due to durability and power that such units can produce. Karcher G3500 has become the best gas pressure washer in overall. Buying this model means that you receive 3500 PSI at 2.5 GPM of water. It is enough to clean the most severe stains from concrete and hard metal. However, if the pressure is too high you can even damage these hard surfaces. Therefore, it has a remote controller on the spray gun to adjust the needed PSI for the task. In your asset, you also have quick connect nozzles for different tasks and surfaces.


  • Powerful water flow that creates long spray to reach tough places
  • The unit is covered with rust resisting powder
  • The gauge-welded frame provides good stability and durability of the washer


  • Due to complicated design, it may take more time to assemble it properly
  • It requires additional expenses for regular maintenance and oil changes
  • It is not so easy to carry it with hands

Generac SpeedWash 7122

Generac SpeedWash 7122
When household owners buy a washer, they expect it to be very reliable. That is why many consumers prefer gasoline washers as with proper maintenance they can work for many years without serious breakdowns. Among them Generac SpeedWash 7122. It can produce 3200 PSI at 2.7 GPM of water. It is more than enough to cope with the most difficult cleaning issues around the house. With high pressure, it can even wash out grass, which grows between pavers. The spray gun has a switcher for a detergent.


  • The cart wheels are filled with foam and padded handles provide the unit with good stability
  • Buying this washer you also receive different nozzles and accessories
  • The unit has a compact design that does not need a lot of space for storing


  • While moving around the cart, the hose may be dragged on the uneven surface
  • You need to spend more money and time to change oil and fill it with gas
  • The model can be damaged by cold temperatures

Briggs & Stratton 20545

Briggs & Stratton 20545
In general cleaning around the house does not require powerful pressure washers. By attaching the right nozzle, you can increase the pressure on the surface to remove the most difficult stains. Briggs & Stratton 20545 offers you 2200 PSI at 1.9 GPM what is average in comparison to other models. The cart is made with a hard-welded metal what makes the unit more stable. Buying this unit you can be sure to receive five quick-connect nozzles for different purposes and brushes.


  • The constituent parts of the unit a made of the high-quality materials that guaranty high durability
  • It has long enough hose to move around with a comfort
  • Large wheels can easily roll over uneven surfaces


  • Due to complicated design, it may take up to half an hour to assemble it and start cleaning
  • There is no an oil plug
  • Complicated maintenance requires oil changes and a lot of time

Best Commercial Pressure Washer Reviews

While buying a pressure washer for commercial purposes it is better to consider two different types of them. Hot and cold water plays an important role when it comes to the required time on the cleaning process. Hot water removes stains much faster what allows them to perform more tasks in a short time. However, the price for such washers is higher. If you are going to constantly deal with severe contaminations then hot pressure washers are better, in another case you can save money and take one with cold water.

SIMPSON 65209 – cold water with belt drive washer

When you plan to use the washer for commercial purposes you often need something powerful and durable. SIMPSON 65209 is a gas power washer that produces 4400 PSI at 4 GPM of cold water. It has a belt-driven pump, which means that the engine is a little further from the pump. As a result, this model does not overheat so easily. Using washers at maximum is harmful to them. With such a high PSI limit, you may not worry as most of the tasks, even severe stains require less pressure. In addition, you receive five different nozzles for cleaning.


  • The cart is equipped with four wheels for stability and locking brake to prevent rolling
  • Steel welded frame protects the unit from damage
  • Ceramic pistons are difficult to overheat, what prolongs the lifespan of the washer


  • Together with a purchase, you do not receive a turbo nozzle
  • In order to assemble and start cleaning you need more than 15 minutes
  • Additional expenses for oil are required

Shark SGP-353037 – hot water with direct drive washer

Shark SGP-353037
In the commercial cleaning with washers, time plays an important role. Hot water removes stains faster what reduces time to cover large areas. Therefore, Shark SGP-353037 has become very popular among consumers. It produces 3000 PSI at 3.5 GPM of hot water. However, it has a direct drive pump. It means that the engine is very close to the pump, which can overheat the unit much faster than other washers do. In order to cope with the heat and increase the durability of the unit, there are ceramic pistons and forged brass manifold for cooling.


  • It does not produce so much noise as other gasoline models
  • It has a compact design what makes it easy for storing
  • Together with a washer, you receive five different spray tips


  • It emits more fumes, which makes it unsuitable for enclosed places
  • Maintenance has to be carefully done due to heating coil and water heaters
  • Cart wheels do not provide good stability for the unit

Pressure washer soap

High pressure is definitely great as it may wash away all the dirt, however, you cannot use it all the time. The surfaces that are made of soft materials can be damages. Therefore, pressure washer soap. It greatly helps with cleaning cars. There are many of them, but if you look for something safe and non-toxic, then you need Krud Kutter PWC01. It is a purple multi-purpose pressure washer concentrate with a sweet odor. It does not contain bleach or ammonia and is safe for plants, pets, and people. It should be diluted 1:10 of water, which allows to cover large areas.
Krud Kutter PWC01

Buyers Guide

What can I do with a pressure washer?

Pressure washers are popular across the world and many consumers use them for different purposes. Among washing models, you can find two main types of them and they also separate different cleaning tasks. It is commercial and house washers. Even commercial units can be used around the house, but they are more expensive and not every household owner really needs them.

  • Fence is an essential part of your house that you clean from time to time. With a pressure washer, you can cope with it ten times faster.
  • Many people have a patio but not all of them like to wash them. Pressure washers suit for decks and can wash away even the most ancient dirt.
  • Cleaning house outside is not an easy task, as you need to reach high places. With a good water stream of pressure washer sidings are not a problem.
  • Sometimes it happens that some oil or tar stains are left from vehicles. It is not easy to remove them but pressure washers are suitable for concrete as they have high pressure that destroys the structure of stains.
  • Every vehicle owner knows how it is difficult to clean the caked mud and dirt, especially when you have a truck, SUV or large farming equipment. Washers also have detergent tanks. You can use an appropriate soap in order to make your transport be shiny again.
  • If you like, BBQ and invite friends often, it means that you also cook a lot of meat. Its fat remains on the grill and needs to be washed. The pressure washer can easily cope with that and allow you to forget this tiresome cleaning.
  • Most of the household owners do not remember how their lawnmower used to look in the beginning. The old and dry grass, oil and dirt that remains in different corners and tough to reach places can be easily washed away.
  • As for commercial use, pressure washers usually need to clean large areas in a short period of time. They usually have larger tanks to keep working without refiling.
  • Watching different sport games is very exciting but cleaning those large courts may take years unless you a power washer. Some models have special brooms that clean surface with water.
  • Mostly ships swim in salty water. Salt corrodes metal and turns it into the rust. That is why ships are also undergo cleaning. When it is a cruise liner that transports passengers, it has to look shiny. The pressure washer can cope with severe contaminations and reach different places without problems.
  • Malls keep their parking places clean as they also represent the quality of service. That is why they often hire people with pressure washers as they can remove stains from cars
  • Restaurants try to keep their equipment clean and the most difficult is to remove fat from exhausting hoods. There is not always so much time for cleaning before the place opens, therefore washers with high pressure are used to clean them.

PSI and GPM, what do they mean?

While buying the best home pressure washer or for commercial purposes, it is better to understand what is mentioned in specs. The most confusing parameters for consumers that buy power washer for the first time are GPM and PSI.

  • PSI or Pound Per Square Inch is what is responsible for the actual power of the washer. The higher it is, the stronger stream of water will be. For more severe stains, you need high PSI to destroy their fracture and remove it from the surface. However, you need to be careful. Not every material can endure high pressure and can be damaged.
  • GPM or Gallons Per Minute is a parameter that indicates water consumption. With higher pressure, you need more water to sustain it.

It is necessary to mention that higher specs do not always mean better. With higher PSI and GPM, the pressure washer consumes more water, electricity or gas. Therefore, you need to know for what purposes you are going to use it. For cleaning around the house, you may not need the most expensive unit. Even the best commercial pressure washer is not the most powerful. In addition, it is recommended not to use washer at maximum as it may faster wear out.

How to choose the right pressure washer nozzle?

After buying the best pressure washer for yourself, in most cases, you also receive several nozzles. Alternatively, you may need to buy them separately. Sometimes, pressure washers may have spray guns with already installed different types of water streams. Each nozzle has a different color as it helps to know which one you are using.

  • Red 0 degrees. It produces a small but very concentrated water jet that is very powerful. It is suitable for removing tough stains of tar, glue, oil, etc. only from hard surfaces like hard metal and concrete. Even small and portable pressure washer with this nozzle can cause serious damage to soft materials like wood, house siding or thin metal.
  • Yellow 15 degrees. It has a wider spray that is powerful enough to wash away old paint and rust. It is better to use from some distance as it also can cause some damage. It is very suitable for cleaning mud and dirt from trucks, heavy farm equipment.
  • Green 25 degrees. When spray becomes wider, it can cover large areas much faster. It is suitable for wooden surfaces, cars, driveways, etc.
  • White 40 degrees. It creates a wide gentle water stream that can clean easily flowerpots, windows and blinds.
  • Black for soap. When you need to cover a large surface with detergent, this nozzle will easily cope with this task.

How does pressure washer work?

Each pressure washer has two main parts that make it work. Water pump and engine in gas type or motor in electric type. When you run a washer, power that is generated goes to the pump and it starts to get water. Depending on the speed washer generates a pressure of water flow. With high pressure, you can easily wash away the oldest dirt and even remove rust. To increase the cleaning effect you can use special soap or detergents. In addition, some models can heat up the water to fracture the structure of the different stains and easily wash them away.

Pressure washer tips to the safe use

While buying a pressure washer you should understand that it is not a toy. It has to be used properly for cleaning purposes. Even a small pressure washer can cause severe wounds. There are two main measures that are necessary to take. Firstly, it is to get protective equipment as the washer can even damage concrete safety gear is necessary. Glasses, long pants, gloves, and headphones. Gas washers can be very loud. The next thing that you need to do is to prepare the cleaning area. Around the house, you may have, some small objects that can be washed away or even ricochet to you.

Is it bad to run a pressure washer without water?

In the beginning, you should understand that a power washer designed to use water for cleaning. Therefore, it is very bad to run without it. The most damage will be done to the pressure washer pump. When you start the unit, the pump tries to vacuum water but instead receives water. As a result, the pump heats up. Even ceramic pistons that endure high temperatures will crack. Moreover, you can burn up the sealing rings around pistons and cause even more damage. Water is necessary to perform cooling and lubrication. It is better to get an air blower instead or running washer dry.

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