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Looking for the best commercial pressure washer means that you are going to use it on a daily basis. Such cleaning machines are developed to have a longer duration. It means that materials and constituent parts for them are made from materials of better quality. They are more reliable and even in electrical washers, there are not so many plastic parts. High GPM and PSI specs do not mean that the power washer is for commercial use. Residential machines can be more powerful but not so reliable. Even less cleaning power commercial washers can serve you for much longer.

Gas or electric powered

It is the most difficult and the first decision you need to make. Gasoline or electric type of washer. There are many commercial pressure washer reviews and each one has its own preferences. They are different and it is better to know their peculiar features to choose the proper one.

  • Electric power washers are famous for their convenience of use. Their design is more compact what allows easily store them without a large amount of free space. You may not worry about the noise, as they are very quiet. In addition, they are very easy to assemble and use. However, electric washers always need an outlet. Durability and power specs are lower in comparison with the gas type.
  • Gasoline pressure washers also convenient to use when it comes to portability. They do not need electricity and an outlet, which allows to carry them everywhere. Gas type is famous for its durability and power that it can produce. Among negative sides gas washers much more complicated to use. They need constant maintenance like oil change, additional expenses for gas and oil, and more expensive.

The universal solution is gas pressure washers. They work without an outlet and can serve you for much longer.

Hot water or cold water

Another factor that can influence your decision is hot and cold water. If you looking for the best commercial pressure washer for earning money, the time that the cleaning process requires, definitely matters. Hot water copes with difficult stains much faster and it requires less amount of water. In case of everyday use when cleaning speed should be high hot water pressure washer is better, but they are more expensive. If you have the possibility to spend more time washing and you do not want to overpay the cold type it will be more suitable for you. However, you will you more electrical power and water amount.

Which commercial pump type do you need

When you have decided on the water type here comes another matter for thinking. Every pressure washer has a pump and it can be of two kinds. Direct drive pump and belt drive pump. In order to make the right choice, it is better to learn more about them.

With a direct drive type, the pump is connected to a hollow shaft of the engine. It means that the pump works at the same tempo as the engine. Both of them are very close to each other what increases the heating. As a result, the durability of its parts is lower. From another side due to the simplicity of connection direct drive pump washers are not so expensive and occupy less space. This type is for you when a pressure washer is only a secondary tool that you use for cleaning and earning money.

In a belt-drive type, pump and engine are connected with the help of pulleys and belts. With this scheme, the pump has only 1/3 of the engine speed. In addition, it is further from the heat source that allows not to become overheated and it increases the life expectancy of a commercial pressure washer. This type more expensive and require better maintenance. However, the belt drive is for you if it is your primary tool for everyday use to earn money.

Best Gas Commercial Pressure Washer Reviews

Gas pressure washers with cold water

With belt-driven pump



The SIMPSON 65209 is a gas power washer that can produce 4400 PSI at 4 GPM of cold water. It is a belt-drive type that can work longer without overheating. Its engine has a low-oil shutdown system that helps to start the engine quicker and increases its lifespan. You receive a spray gun with five quick-connect tips for different cleaning tasks. When it comes to rolling over different terrains, you can always rely on pneumatic tires that provide you with high maneuverability and safety during unloading and loading the unit.


  • The 4-wheel cart provides stability and locking breaks prevents it from unneeded rolling
  • It has a more square shape of design with steel welded frame protects it from flipping over and damaging
  • It has ceramic pistons that do not overheat easily and have high durability


  • Turbo nozzle for higher pressure is not included in the purchase
  • It takes more than 15 minutes to assemble and to start the cleaning process
  • Periodically it requires oil changes and maintenance

With a direct drive pump



Yamaha brand is popular across the globe because of its reliability and the same goes for commercial pressure washers. It can produce 3000 PSI at 2.8 GPM of cold water with a direct driven pump. In order to prevent pump and engine overheating it has an air cooling system. Together with this unit, you receive a smart nozzle that has functions of 5 common nozzles. You can simply adjust the needed degree without stopping the cleaning process. Its wheels never go flat what allows to roll this washer over different surfaces. The detergent tank can contain up to one gallon of liquid.


  • Automatic idle down reduces fuel consumption when you release the trigger of a spray gun
  • Does not produce a lot of noise even when it is a gas type
  • It has two options for Soap Jet and Fan and with zero degrees soap just can produce high PSI


  • It does not run detergents through the pump assembly, which makes it not suitable for all chemicals
  • 2-wheels cart that is not very stable from side impacts and twitching
  • The spray gun wand is heavy enough to make your hands tired of a long work

Simpson PS4240

Simpson PS4240

When you receive a pressure washer with an engine from Honda, you expect it to be very reliable. However, it has a direct-drive pump, what means that you need to watch out not to overheat it. This unit can produce 4200 PSI at 4 GPM of called water. As it produces so high pressure you need to be careful of two things. The kickback at high PSI may be difficult to handle for a long time. Soft surfaces can be easily damaged if to apply too much pressure on a small area.


  • It has a long hose and rustproof attachments for more convenient use
  • The enclosed product manual helps to assemble and start cleaning less than 15 minutes
  • It has enough power to reach high and distant places


  • The chemical injector is made of poor materials and can easily stop working
  • The high pressure may drop down due to pressure release valve problems
  • In case of a long cleaning process, it may become overheated

Gas pressure washers with hot water

Shark SGP-353037

Shark SGP-353037

For more than 20 years Shark Kärcher Group produces washers for commercial use and different accessories. This gas washer is a little bit heavy to move it around. It has 550 pounds due to its engine, water tank and welded steel frame of the unit. It can produce 3000 PSI at 3.5 GPM of hot water with a direct drive pump. In order to reduce the heat and increase life expectancy of the pump, it has three ceramic pistons and forged brass manifold run cooler.


  • It is not so noisy as other gas type pressure washers
  • Due to square and compact design, it can be easily stored
  • Together with a unit, you receive five different spray types of tips


  • It is not suitable to be used in confined places due to dangerous fumes
  • It requires more careful maintenance due to water heaters and heating coil
  • The center mass is higher what makes it easy to flip over

Easy-Kleen EZO4035G-K-GP-12

Easy-Kleen EZO4035G-K-GP-12

Since 1982 Easy-Kleen Pressure System company has been producing various pressure washers. They are famous for the durability of their units even outside the USA. Easy-Kleen EZO4035G-K-GP-12 is a gasoline commercial washer with 4000 PSI at 3.5 GPM of hot water with a direct drive pump. Together with a washer, you receive a high capacity fuel tank of 10 gallons. It guarantees a continuous cleaning process without refueling. It has an adjustable thermostat for efficiency and temperature control. In addition, it has a long 50 feet hose for high pressures.


  • It is coated with rust-resistant powder to protect the unit from the corrosion
  • It is made from welded thick metal
  • Together with a unit, you receive five quick-connect nozzles of 0, 15, 25, 40 degrees and for soap


  • It requires regular changes of oil and proper maintenance
  • It is noisy that may be difficult to work in the enclosed area without headphones
  • It takes more than 30 minutes to assemble it properly to start work

Best Electric Commercial Pressure Washer Reviews

Electric pressure washers with cold water

Pressure Pro EE3530G

Pressure Pro EE3530G

A manufacturer from Florida Pressure-Pro in 1994 has started to produce pressure cleaning units and accessories. Recently, in 2015 it has been purchased by Nilfisk. With all experience, they have created Pressure Pro EE3530G. It is an electrical model for commercial purposes that can produce 3000 PSI at 3.5 GPM of cold water with a direct drive pump. It is very compact due to the small design of all parts. It does not produce so much noise like a gas type and perfectly suits for cleaning cars, windows, pavements, removing old paint and rust.


  • It is not heavy and large and makes it easy to transport with the most common car types
  • Thermo-sensor with ceramic components prevent the unit from overheating
  • It has a 50ft high-pressure hose that is reinforced with steel


  • The turbo nozzle is not included in the purchase
  • A large power cord may not suit to all outlets
  • Due to the design, it is not so convenient to move around with

Electric pressure washers with hot water



When comes to pressure washers you always expect to perform cleaning with water. However, NorthStar can offer you something more powerful. This electric unit can heat water up to 250F degrees and produce hot and wet steam to remove the most severe stains. NorthStar Electric Wet Steam and Hot Water Pressure Washer produce 4000 PSI at 4 GPM of hot and cold water with a belt-driven pump. You should always be careful with this unit. In addition, it has a 4-gallon fuel tank that can sustain a long cleaning process.


  • Long power cord allows to cover large areas during the cleaning process
  • It does not produce a lot of noise
  • It can be used for the enclosed tasks


  • It has low mobility due to small wheels and its weight
  • The high-pressure hose is short what makes it not so convenient to use for large area
  • It does not have a drain plug system to remove water from the tank during cold temperatures

Buyers Guide

What are commercial pressure washers used for?

Most people buy a pressure washer to clean around the house. They do not need very powerful machines with a high life span that are much expensive. House owners plan to use them from time to time. However, there is a possibility to earn money with them. For commercial use, they definitely need to have a higher life expectancy and produce more pressure power to clean severe contaminations. There many tasks that commercial power washer can cope with.

  • Sports courts. Many kinds of sport have courts and it is important to keep them clean. Hard surfaces like for basketball and tennis games are quite large. Power washer allows to quickly clean a large area without getting tired.
  • City pavements. Every day people use sidewalks. Sometimes you can find a great amount of dirt, stains, and garbage. A wide and strong stream of water can wash everything away. In addition, on sticks of paving grass and moss can grow. With high pressure of zero degree nozzle weeds can be easily cleaned out.
  • The area around Buildings. Large apartment and office buildings have areas attached to them. The unclean surface at the entrance can be slippery what is dangerous. Pressure washers for commercial use can cope even with the most contaminated surfaces, especially with hot water and detergents.
  • Buildings. It is the most difficult task. You need to clean a very large area and in most cases, you need to climb high. There should be elevated work platforms where you can put all of your equipment. To perform such cleaning you need to be certified, not to fear the height and to have a reliable pressure washer.
  • Restaurant equipment. Kitchens can be very dirty because of steam, fat and sticky dirt. Exhausted hoods are usually the most contaminated things. To wash all the grease and grime you need high pressure. Washers easily cope with such a task, but you should be careful as high PSI can even damage the metal.
  • Ships. While traveling by seas or oceans different types of vehicles become covered with saltwater. Salt can easily corrode metal elements and make them rusty. Therefore, they should be washed. Even cruise liners must look nice and shiny as they transport people. There are many places that are tough to reach without a power washer.
  • Industrial facilities. Factories work with different types of resources and they produce some wastes. Even if they utilize the leftovers after the manufacture, there is always some dirt. It has to be cleaned and even sterilized with appropriate detergents. Washers have additional tanks for such purposes.
  • Parking at malls. Cars may easily leave stains after them. It can be some oil, grease or simple mud in the raining weather. Malls have numerous amount of parking slots. They all should be cleaned from time to time.

For all of these tasks, cleaners are hired for constant work and commercial pressure washer are their reliable friends.

How to choose the right pressure washer nozzle?

Buying a pressure washer greatly increases the efficiency of the cleaning process. However, some consumers think that only PSI and GPM specs are responsible for the quality of washing. Nozzles play an important role in washing away the dirt. Some models have nozzles together in a box. In another case, you will need to buy them additionally. Their main function is to direct the water stream and create higher pressure. However, they should be used wisely. Each nozzle has its own purpose of use. If to apply the inappropriate one you can cause damage to some types of surfaces. Mostly there are five main nozzles depending on the angle of a stream they create and each has its own color.

  • Black is for soap. It has the lowest pressure to spray the detergent on the surface.
  • White is 40 degrees. It creates a wide spray that allows you to cover large areas and suit for cleaning fragile surfaces.
  • Green is 25 degrees. It is not so wide but has higher pressure to clean tough dirt.
  • Yellow is 15 degrees. This nozzle creates a strong water flow that can wash away old paint and rust.
  • Red is 0 degrees. It has the highest pressure in a thin stream that can easily clean stains from asphalt, but it can easily damage metal and wooden surfaces.


PSI and GPM, what do they mean?

When it comes to choosing a power washer that, you are going to use for commerce it is necessary to learn more about them in general. Pressure washers have different specs, but the most important are GPM and PSI. These machines use water and it is important to know how much. Gallon Per Minute or simple GPM indicates the amount of water it uses to wash away the dirt. PSI or Pound Per Square Inch stands for the pressure power that the unit can provide. With severe stains like old paint and rust, you will need a stream of water with high pressure.

How much power should an industrial pressure washer have?

There is a great difference between non-commercial and commercial washers that are also called industrial. They should have a higher power to clean large areas. Some customers may mistakenly think that on gas type of washers can be powerful enough. Even the electrical model can become your the best commercial pressure washer. Its PSI should be 3000 and higher as it allows to create enough pressure to cover large surfaces. It is necessary to mention that it should not be pointed at people. Pressure washers for commercial use can cause very serious wounds.

How much do commercial power washers weigh?

While buying the best commercial power washer, you definitely expect that it will be very convenient to use. If you plan to use it on a daily basis then it will be always moving around. Therefore, the weight can play a major part while choosing a model in the store. They can weight around 90 pounds. In general, you have to choose between gas and electronic type. Each one has its own strengths and weeks sides. However, washers that use electrical power are much lighter. They do not need fuel that also weights and have more plastic details.

How much is a professional pressure washer?

This is a difficult question because there are so many variables to consider, such as the type of pressure washer, its features, the brand, and where you buy it. Generally speaking, though, a professional pressure washer will cost anywhere from $600 to $4,000.

How does a commercial pressure washer work?

A commercial pressure washer works by using water under extremely high pressure. The water is pushed through the machine via an electric pump powered by a common power source (120 volts). One hose carries the clean water into the machine, and another hose carries the dirty water away to be treated.

As you spray, you adjust the nozzle on the end of the wand to change the width and intensity of the spray. There are five basic nozzle types: fan, cone, stream, mist, and shower.

Do professional pressure washers use a lot of electricity?

Yes, commercial pressure washers use a lot of electricity. The exact amount will depend on which type of model you buy and how long you use it. A professional power washer can draw as many as 2,200 watts while operating.

Can a power inverter run a pressure washer?

Yes, a power inverter can run a pressure washer as long as it has the wattage to support the machine. Most commercial pressure washers require 2,200 watts or more, so you’ll need an inverter that can provide at least that much power.

Does hose length affect pressure washer?

No, hose length does not affect the pressure washer. This is because the amount of water pressure is determined by the pump, not the length of the hose. However, a longer hose may be less stiff and more flexible, making it easier to use.

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