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When it comes to keeping house, tidy inside and outside people think that it is too difficult. In order to greatly shorten the time for this process, they are looking for the best electric pressure washers. However, on the market, you will find two types of them. The first one works with the help of electricity. The second needs to be filled with gasoline. Each type has its own peculiarities. However, more customers prefer electrical units. As they are very convenient, many house owners struggle to find a good pressure washer. We have prepared several models that you should consider.

Best Electric Pressure Washers Reviews

Karcher K5 Premium – best overall

Karcher K5 Premium

The market for electric pressure washers have many wonderful offers but it is difficult to find the best one. From the electric pressure washer reviews and characteristics, Karcher K5 Premium considers to be the best electric power washer in overall. You receive the full efficiency without paying too much. During the cleaning process, you will not be disturbed by a loud noise. It is very quiet. Do not think that the absence of noise means low power. This unit offers 2000 PSI with 1.4 GPM. With it, you can solve most of the cleaning tasks around the house. It is a bit larger than the average electric pressure washer is, but due to its compact design, there are no problems for storing. As for the convenience of usage, you will not have troubles with assembling and starting using it. However, users are not very satisfied with its wheels. They are not so large and not rubberized, which makes it harder to move around the house.


  • The hose reel is long enough to for convenient exploitation
  • The detergent tank has a nice shape and can be detached
  • During the performance, the water-cooled induction motor allows not to overheat the washer


  • Plastic parts are not very durable and in case of damaging, they will need to be replaced
  • Mostly, detergent tanks are not included in the box and you need to buy them separately
  • As the hose is thin, it should be stored properly in cold seasons

Powerhouse International – best performance

Powerhouse International

Keeping your house tidy is not an easy task and sometimes you need to wash away some real severe stain. Powerhouse International the most powerful electric pressure washer. It has 3000 PSI and is the best in terms of performance. It can clean various contaminations even from asphalt and concrete surfaces. With this pressure washer, you also receive 5 different nozzles, a very handy spray gun that can be extended, sprayer and brushes for better cleaning. Additionally, it has spots to all attachments that allows to carry everything that is needed with you and not to lose them somewhere in the yard. It has a red-black design that can be easily stored in tiny places. It can be heavy for some users to carry this washer by hands when it is needed.


  • The unit is very handy and there no difficulties with unmounting it from the cart
  • Four-wheeled cart for washer has good stability
  • Every time the trigger is released motor stops working what helps to prolong its lifetime


  • The power plug has a little bit too large design what makes it difficult to fit to different outlets
  • The trigger of the spray gun requires more efforts to press it
  • As wheels are large and the unit is heavy, it is not very good at rolling over the grass

Briggs & Stratton 20680

Briggs & Stratton 20680

When you buy a new device to your house you expect from it to be reliable. That is what you will get with Briggs & Stratton 20680. It has a tough welded steel frame that protects the whole unit from unpredictable impacts. With a modern approach to the development of electric motor, Briggs & Stratton 20680 has more lifetime. It is not as powerful as other models of electric pressure washers. It has only 1800 PSI but for the most common tasks outside the house, it is enough. In addition, it does not uses so much water, 1.2 GPM and electric power. It means that you will not have to pay a lot for your bills, but you will have to spend on cleaning process more time. It is convenient to clean with 25 ft. the flexible hose that endures complicated work with high pressure.


  • It is small and convenient in design pressure water that is simple for storing
  • It is not heavy what allows to carry it while cleaning
  • To assemble this washer and to start cleaning you will spend less than 15 minutes


  • During continuous work, motor heats ups and requires breaks
  • When you buy this washing unit you do not receive grease for lubricating the hoses with it
  • In the box, you do not receive accessories and nozzles for cleaning

Sun Joe SPX3000

Sun Joe SPX3000

Sun Joe SPX3000 is a modern pressure washer with a nice design. It is very compact due to its weight of 31 pounds. It has a 34-inch extension wand to clean areas that are not so easy to reach. Moreover, you receive five different nozzles that can be easily attached and stored together with the washer. You can store two different detergents in separate tanks and switch between them simply by clicking the button. It allows to keep the cleaning process without breaks. In addition, it has a total stop system. When you release the trigger, the motor automatically stops what reduces the wearing out of the pump, prolongs its lifetime, and reduces electricity consumption. 2000 PSI is enough for most common stains and dirt outside the house.


  • With large wheels, you may not worry to flip it over
  • It has two detergent tanks that you can use simultaneously or remove them if needed
  • It is compact with an efficient cord lock system that allows to hold the rolled cable with it


  • To cover large areas you will spend more than average time
  • After the purchase, it is not an easy task to assemble it and require up to 30 minutes
  • The plastic is soft enough that can crack and start to leak if the pressure is too high

Greenworks GPW1501

Greenworks GPW1501

Electric pressure washer from Greenworks is a bit different from others. It does not have wheels or cart for caring, but it actually does not need it. With only 17 pounds, you can easily carry it with you around the house. In addition, it has a long power cord of 35 feet and a hose of 20 feet. It has 1500 PSI, which makes it suitable only for simple and medium difficulty tasks. In comparison with other models, it is the best cheap electric pressure washer that you can find. While buying it Greenworks GPW1501 you receive an adjustable wand, two different types of nozzles for various purposes. What is more important is that you will spend up to seven minutes to assemble it and start cleaning.


  • It does not heavy and can be placed vertically or horizontally whenever you want
  • The detergent bottle can be easily attached to the handle of the gun and use it on low and high pressures
  • It has a thin design of the body that requires less storage space than vacuum cleaners


  • Among electric pressure washers, it is very loud when it works on the highest pressure
  • Due to its power, It is not suitable for severe contaminations
  • Many plastic elements and body may not last long and endure impacts

Buyers Guide

Are electric pressure washers good?

Adding an electric pressure washer to house tools greatly improves the cleaning process. The major part of customers prefers electrical than gas device due to several reasons. The main explanation is simplicity for maintenance. You do not need to buy and fill it with gasoline to turn in on. Additionally, you do not have to bother yourself with changing the oil. Electric-type is quieter and can have enough power to wash away even the most problematic dirt. They are not so expensive and more affordable for people. The electric washer perfectly suits for keeping around the house tidy up.

PSI and GPM, what do they mean?

When you have a solid resolve to find the best electric pressure washer you start to look at the specs of every device. There are two abbreviations that confuse people, PSI and GPM. They are both one of the most important parameters that indicate the power of the washer.

  • PSI – pound per square inch. It is the actual power of washers and with the help of this criterion, customers search for the appropriate device.
  • GPM – gallons per minute. This parameter is responsible for the needed amount of water to sustain the above-mentioned pressure. Different models consume different amounts of water.

How to choose the right PSI for your pressure washer?

Before going to the store and buying the best-rated electric pressure washer on the internet, it is important to know your needs. Having an idea of getting it means that you have a specific task that has to be resolved with it. Only then, you will know how to evaluate washers according to your needs. Different surfaces are made of specific materials that require different pressure. If PSI is too high, you may even damage something. For most common tasks around the house, 2600 PSI will be enough. For asphalt driveways and serious contaminations, you should consider washers with 3000 PSI and higher.

What can you clean with electric pressure washers?

When there is nice weather outside, it is difficult to miss this opportunity and start the cleaning process around the house. There are many ways of application for electric power washers. Surfaces that are made of wood are not problematic for them. Patios, chairs, tables, fences and other wooden things can be cleaned. However, it is a soft material, therefore is it important to adjust the pressure. They can easily wash mineral and ceramic surfaces like pools, stairs, and brick. Metal is also suitable. Car cleaning becomes a real pleasure that does not require much time.

How to set up an electric pressure washer?

It does not matter if it is a small electric pressure washer or a big one. The steps of assembling are the same and they are much more simple than gasoline models.

  • At the beginning link high-pressure hose to the pressure washer.
  • After that, you need to connect that hose with the high-pressure inlet. It has to be completely secure.
  • Then thread coupler and garden hose should be connected onto it.
  • Next is setting up a spray gun and extension lance.
  • Finally, link pressure washer to a power source.
  • Then, you can turn the water faucet on and start cleaning.

How does pressure washer work?

In order to keep your house tidy up you definitely have tried to use water, soap, scouring, scrubbing and strong detergents. However, the result was not satisfying. Pressure washers use mostly water and sometimes detergents to wash away all nasty stains and dirt. The main secret is pressure. They are simple pumps with a motor that provide a thin spray of fast-moving water that can clear even old stains. This water flow has high kinetic energy, which allows to simply destruct the structure of the dirt and wash it. You should be careful with different surfaces to avoid damaging them.

How long can you run an electric pressure washer?

Every pressure washer has a water pump and power motor. When you are cleaning for a long time motors heat up. Electrical washers do not produce so much heat. Therefore, you can use them for a longer period of time without stops. When it comes to the water pump, you should not overload it. During the continuous performance, you should take notice of the pressure indicator. When it is near to the maximum of the electric washer capability it is recommended to take breaks. Thus, even electric pressure washer can work without problems for a long time if to pay attention to them.

Pressure washer tips to the safe use

  • It is necessary to remember that pressure washers are not toys and they can harm you or people around in case of inappropriate exploitation.
  • Never point at others. Even in the hot summer, days do not use pressure washers to shower friends with cold water. The high-pressure spray can harm soft skin.
  • Watch out working at high places. While cleaning your roof or other high places always remember about the recoil. Pressure can easily shake you off the balance.
  • Pay attention to surroundings. Small objects can be easily be washed away and bounce to you. Outlets also are very dangerous.

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