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Have you ever faced durable stains, mud, moss and grime in your yard, patio, driveways or siding? What about a dirty car or garden furniture? May be you are conducting a big construction or supervise building works? Coping with residential and industrial mud takes time, requires efforts and strength. There is the best gas pressure washer that may easily carry out this ordeal. For various types of works you may require an electric or a gas pressure washer with different features.

An electric one is powered by electricity. A zone of activity is restricted by AC power source availability and cord length. This appliance may be used for simple cleaning works in your small patio or garden, like leaf litter or dust removal, concrete path clean. An electric pressure washer is lightweight and may be operated without any pains.

However, if you need to maintain order in rural area, around big household with a garage and a land plot, or you are a contractor of car washing or construction cleaning works, tend to a gas pressure washer. It has more powerful fuel engine (gasoline or diesel), its operation zone is not restricted by cord length and electricity socket, and it may be used for any heavy-duty job.

The variety of gasoline power washer reviews is huge. How to make a right choice?

I’ve collected some market offers and will share the information on the best gas pressure washer below.

Best Gas Pressure Washer Reviews

Karcher G3500 – best overall

Karcher G3500

Being equipped with a remarkable Honda GX200 engine, Karcher G3500 OHT may cope with the challenging work for contractors and may be applied for commercial works. The unit refers to heavy-duty models. Its tree piston crankshaft pump and unloader valve belong to an expert grade.

A product may be used all-terrain due to sturdy metal wheels with pneumatic tires resting on a durable steel and powder coated frame.

A spray gun is advantageous due to its unique VersaGRIP dual trigger technology and possesses fatigue-reducing stock. Five Quick Connect multipurpose nozzles and 25 feet steel-braided hose make this pressure washer convenient, able to reach the most difficult areas and delete the most stubborn grime.

Besides its outstanding motor capacity, the unit offers impressive 3500 PSI and 2.6 GPM, their combination makes this appliance capable to perform the most difficult job. Karcher G3500 is on the expensive side among its competitors.


  • 5-mode multipurpose nozzles may perform a wide range of cleaning works
  • Being provided with the modern technologies, its operation is easy and do not lead to fatigue
  • GX200 Honda motor for heavy-duty professional jobs is considered to be one of the most reliable and will provide a long life to the unit; its fuel consumption is moderate
  • A frame is designed to resist corrosion


  • Light cleaning works are not possible with this unit due to its powerful customization
  • Due to heavy weight and pneumatic tires, the wheels may be damaged on bad quality sharp surface

Generac Speed Wash 7122

Generac SpeedWash 7122

Gas pressure washers from Generac represent a niche of heavy-duty cleaning appliances. Its 196 cc OHV power unit provides outstanding 2.7 GPM and 3200 PSI pressure. The dirtiest and hard to reach places may be set clean with this device. Modern technologies make a device highly efficient. Its turbo nozzles, a long and sturdy hose, a wand dial and innovative cleaning attachments altogether make the process of washing and cleaning 30% faster and less tiresome.

Generac Speed Wash 7122 offering 4-mode tips of nozzles is supplied with a set of handy attachments. A nozzle for turbo cleaning provides quick and powerful mud deleting, a broom is able to set clean any littered or dirty surface (floor, concrete driveways, etc.), a soap blaster efficiently sprays detergent for better cleaning performance. A unit may be used for domestic and industrial aims. At the same time, being a pressure washer under 500, its price is lower than products with the same characteristics.


  • A long and a non-marring hose provides better access to difficult contaminations
  • A various set of attachments makes cleaning works less tiresome
  • Generac Speed Wash 7122 is pre-installed for heavy-duty and speed works


  • Fewer quantity of nozzles comparing to other washers restricts Generac Speed Wash operation opportunities
  • A unit may produce strong vibrations when adjusting pressure with the wand dial

Briggs & Stratton 20545

Briggs & Stratton 20545

This is a light-duty gas pressure washer. Its 2200 PSI pressure and 1.9 GPM flow rate is sufficient for domestic usage, driveways, siding and deck grime deleting, cars and windows shining. It is easy to carry, as its weight is only 50 pounds. Being equipped with Easy Start technology and maintenance free axial cam pump, it possesses a function of low effort start.

Briggs & Stratton 550e Series OHV Engine with 140 cc offers maximum of its power for small capacity. A reliable engine provides a long life to a unit.
10’ wheels are never-go-flat and may be used all-terrain. 3 quick connect tips provide versatile usage of the product for difficult to reach mud in patios or land plot paths.

One more pleasant option is that Briggs & Stratton 20545 has an affordable price; it may be referred to as a pressure washer under 300.


  • Compact dimensions and light weight ensure easy transportation and storage
  • Any family member may use it due to easy starting and operating, and a number of predefined spray modes
  • Thanks to unit’s durable large wheels it may be used on bad sharp stony surfaces


  • A product may be used only for small garden works due to limited capacity of the power unit
  • Briggs & Stratton 20545 has limited ways of exploitation as it has only 3-pre-defined sets of spray tips

Simpson MSH3125

Simpson MSH3125

An efficient Simpson MSH3125 gas pressure washer offers 3200 PSI at 2.5 GPM. It is supplied with a reliable and powerful HONDA GC190 engine. A unit is sturdy due to welded steel frame. It may be used for residential and commercial purposes, contractors’ cleaning works and offers an efficient job being lightweight at the same time. Big 10’ pneumatic wheels are comfortable and easy to maneuver. 5 nozzle tips are quick connect and may perform a variety of cleaning operations.

Except a common warranty (2 years for pump and 3 years for engine), an appliance offers additional 5 years guarantee period for frame.


  • Due to its reasonable price Simpson MSH3125 may be awarded “the best value for money”
  • Being designed for multiple purposes, it easily reaches the most difficult muds and dirtiness due to its lightweight and sturdy frame
  • Honda engine provides low fuel consumption and an efficient long-lasting work


  • Simpson MSH3125 should be used with pre-cautions on the bad surfaces due to its pneumatic wheels
  • The appliance does not provide a detergent tank which is not convenient for thorough cleaning with soap
  • A unit is pre-determined for heavy-duty works and it is not easy to switch it for lighter works

Karcher G2700R

Karcher G2700R

A medium-duty appliance offers a good efficiency for a moderate price with its 2700 PSI and 2.4 GPM. Being lightweight (around 60 pounds) it has good maneuverability due to its extra-large flat-free 12’ wheels. It possesses an onboard accessory storage for a hose and a detergent siphon, which together with is compact dimensions saves place when keeping its idle.

Its engine is a sufficient Karcher KPS 196 cc power unit, possessing cast-iron parts and an auto choke for unit’s long life. Its frame is robust and intended for rough works.

An appliance may be used for all kind of residential works, cleaning deck and siding grime, deleting heavily embedded moss and mildew on driveways or patios, all soap washing woks.


  • A unit provides versatile residential exploitation due to maneuverability
  • Karcher G2700R is highly portable due to compact dimensions and storage possibilities
  • It may start working from the box, as no parts need to be assembled after purchase


  • A product is not intended for extra-high-duty works due to its pre-defined features, try to use it for residential works only
  • The paint may peel off on the frame, what may lead to further corrosion. Take a thorough check of the painted elements when purchasing an appliance

Buyer’s Guide

How do you use a gas pressure washer and stay safe?

Using the best gas power washer is quite easy. I’ll describe its design, the main parts and working algorithm.

Unit’s weight vary from 50 to 100 pounds. It consists of an engine, a frame with wheels, a pump, a spray gun, a hose and attachments.

A spray gun is a main instrument for dirt removal. It is usually handy, has a convenient grip handle with a trigger. A unit may have an additional feature – pressure regulations. Press a trigger for water supply; stop pressing a trigger and the flow will strop.

Attachments serve for precise cleaning job: extension wands, turbo nozzles, power brooms, soap blasters.

A spray gun is connected with a hose for water supply. It is produced to withstand high pressure and is connected to an inlet on another end.

Depending on a frame and wheels construction, some gas pressure washers may be used on all terrain. For sturdiness, a frame is made of welded metal and supplied with reliable wheels and never-flat tires.

Any power or electric appliance demands precautions in its operation. Using an electric washer, keep to the rules of water and electricity handling.

Working with fuel-powered equipment use specially designed clothes (coveralls, jackets without buttons, footwear with rubber soles), wear special glasses.

Never direct the water jet on yourself or someone else, it may lead to injure as the water pressure is immense. Some units are equipped with children lockers to protect the kids.

How should you start an appliance?

After reading a manual, finding all parts, filing in and checking all liquids, it’s just the time to start your job!

Plug your gas pressure washer into the source of water. Check if there is no leakage and all parts are tightly connected. Test flow to remove stale water, the hose should be clean.

Engine start may require some practice. Prime the carburetor using a choke or prime bulb. Than make a pulling movement with a cord, from 1-2 to 15-20 depending on a gas pressure washer model and your skills.

Commence the cleaning jobs.

What is the best pressure washer, gas or electric?

Both electric and gasoline types of pressure washers may easily take care about your concrete paths or decks. They will do this more effectively than a garden hose having 75 times less water pressure and spending 80 times much water quantity. However, there are 2 significant differences between electric and gas one, the power source and comfort. An electric pressure washer is powered by electricity. The pros are that it is lighter; it works silently and is environmentally friendly. But the cons are that it possesses a cord, its working zone is restricted and the power is not enough for commercial usage. Read some gas power washer reviews and you will learn that a gas washer possesses a powerful fuel engine, have no cords and may reach any surface and perform any hard cleaning job.

How long does the best gas powered pressure washer live?

Generally, 2 main parts of an appliance provide its long life, a pump and an engine. Their reliability rests on the quality and price. Pumps of low-cost units will not live longer, than 50-100 hours. Do not save on quality and buy the best gas powered pressure washer in case you need it for business purposes. Usually heavy-duty units are expected to serve longer. Average life expectancy of high-quality engine of the costly units are 300 – 3000 hours.

Try to find out availability of spare parts in advance. You may prolong your unit’s operation by replacing a broken part.

For example, the engine may not work due to carburetor contamination or a part brake. In this case, you will not be able to start an engine. Check a carburetor then, and provide necessary maintenance, cleaning or part replacement.

Store your gas pressure washer in dry place keeping to an appropriate temperature regime (garage, hangar, shed) as indicated in the manual.

What kind of oil do we fill in a gas pressure washer?

Unlike electric power unit, a gas pressure washer must be maintained. This means multiple operations, e.g. fuel filling in and oil check. Read gas pressure washer reviews or a manual before starting any manipulation with the appliance. It must state which type of fuel and oil should be applied.

Oil check is easy to do either by a special window or by dipstick after opening a cap of an oil tank. Make sure it reaches necessary level. If not, add exact amount trying not to pore extra as it is dangerous for unit performance. The most common type of oil is 10W30, which suits many gasoline power washers in the temperature range below 4°F. This is all-purpose engine oil. However, read the manual to check appropriate and low consumption oil for your device and work conditions.

Always check liquids before start of work. Necessary level of oil will prolong life of your device.

What are good PSI and other main features for best gas pressure washers?

The main power indication of any gas pressure washer is its PSI number. Pressure on Square Inch (PSI) is the measurement of a unit’s output. The higher this number is, the more powerful an appliance is. Average figures are from 2,500 to 3,500. Another indication of the output is GPM (gallons per minute, 1.9-2.6 average indications). If you need a machine to cope with an outstanding work, like paint stripping, heavily embedded mildew deleting or cleaning after construction works, select an item with both big numbers. Bigger PSI and lower GPM means a gas power washer is designed for simpler residential works.

Cubic capacity of an engine demonstrates a power unit fuel volume.

Weight and dimensions demonstrate the power capacity of a unit. The bigger overall dimensions – the more powerful unit is. A unit with bigger capacity of the fuel tank is more convenient, as requires less filling-in operations.


Do power pressure washers use gasoline only?

Before filling in a fuel tank, read the manual or gas power washer reviews thoroughly. As a rule, a regular gas is used for a washer. However, there are some models, which use a mixture of gas and oil. The proportion of this solution is indicated in the instruction.

As for fuel type, remember that there may be gas or diesel models. Please double-check it because using diesel instead of gasoline will lead to unit’s damage and it will be costly to fix it. Diesel units are fewer, and used for heavy works and for commercial purpose.

Is it dangerous to run gas pressure washers without water?

Water flow must be provided obligatory or it may lead to pump damage. In case you made a mistake and failed to switch on water supply, pump work may be checked by starting the unit and triggering a gun. If there is no water pressure, a pump may be damaged and require maintenance. If water is running, so it’s ok.

Will a gas pressure washer remove mold?

Gas pressure washers can clean some substances from surfaces, including grime and mold. If the gas pressure washer features a rotating or oscillating nozzle, this will usually be strong enough to remove slimy and discolored buildup such as mold.

How to maintain a gas pressure washer?

It is important to maintain a gas pressure washer by checking and replacing its various parts at regular intervals:

  • a clogged pump filter will directly affect the overall performance of the machine, so it should be checked very frequently for dirt or other forms of blockage.
  • likewise, nozzles can become blocked after long-term use, so they should be checked and cleaned regularly.
  • water connections can also become corrupted or damaged over time, so these should be checked for wear and tear before each use.
  • the pressure hose is perhaps the most essential part of a gas pressure washer to check as it takes the brunt of the machine’s work regularly.

What is the best time of year to pressure wash your house?

The best time of year to pressure wash a house is during the fall, just before the first frost hits. However, most homeowners prefer to have their homes pressure washed in the autumn as it gives their homes a fresh look for the winter holidays.

Does a gas pressure washer need to be vented?

No, a gas pressure washer does not need to be vented, however, it is always advisable to consult the manufacturer’s instructions before you begin.

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