Home Soldering Safety tips when working with gas soldering irons

The gas soldering irons is an excellent alternative to electric soldering irons, it is indispensable in places where there is no power supply. And since the device is capable of operating on such types of gas as propane-butane, isobutane, methyl acetylene propadiene (MAPP), special soldering safety tips are handling this work. We will provide you with a small list of tips to help you figure out how to solder safely.

Check your soldering iron

Since the gas soldering iron has a container of pressurized gas, make sure that the tool is sealed and that the gas does not trap anywhere.

Prepare the workplace

Prepare the soldering area carefully. It should be well ventilated so that the vapors that are released from the heated solder and flux are inhaled as little as possible. You also need enough free space to conveniently position the pallet and minimize accidental contact with it.

Hold all parts with tweezers while soldering. Never use your fingers to help yourself. This can lead to one of the most common dangers of soldering – skin burns. Also, never put a working soldering iron on the workbench. Always use a soldering iron stand.

Quick heat-up

A gas soldering iron heats up many times faster than its electrical counterpart. Some models take only 30 seconds to reach operating temperature. Be very careful after turning on the soldering iron and never touch the working area of the soldering iron.

Fire prevention

Fire prevention is also worth mentioning. Do not perform torch brazing in the immediate vicinity of flammable and flammable materials. When soldering in the open air, the distance from the workplace to flammable materials must be at least 10 m.

Individual protection means

Always use glasses when soldering. Flux or solder, with extreme heat, may spatter drops. Also, always wear gloves, hand protection is very important, especially when working with flux, which may contain corrosive substances.

Adhere to these rules in your work, this will help you avoid unwanted incidents and successfully complete the task.

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