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A solder gun is a must-have instrument for any electronics professional or DIYer. You’ll do your soldering tasks in no time if you have this practical and safe tool! Moreover, due to the gun grip, which gives you an ergonomic feeling, you won’t tire your hand when working for a long time.

So, if you’re looking for one of the best soldering guns, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve reviewed all top-rated models available on today’s market to help make your decision easier. Whether you’re a professional or just starting out, you’ll find a solder gun that will suit your needs in this article. Keep reading for the top picks!

Our pick
best soldering guns
Weller D550
Best soldering guns
The perfect soldering gun for bringing professional quality and efficient heat to the serious hobbyist user, the Weller D550 heats in just 6 seconds.
Name Wattage Temperature range Weight Review
Weller D550 best overall 260 W/200 W 482ºC – 593ºC 1225g Review
Weller 9400PKS budget 140 W/100 W 0ºC – 482ºC 998g Review
Wall Lenk LG400C premium 400 W/150 W 0ºC – 538ºC 1043g Review
Weller D650PK also a great choice 300 W/200 W 482ºC – 593ºC 2268g Review

Best soldering guns reviews

Weller D550 – best overall

Weller D550

Weller brand has been around for many years; their soldering tools are world-recognized for build quality, precision, performance, and power. Many experts approve and appreciate Weller’s soldering technology, and so do I. But my favorite product from the Weller line is the D550 model – it provides plenty of versatility, boasts overall high quality, and comes at a reasonable price. However, let’s take a closer look at its characteristics!

Both professionals and hobbyists will find D550 helpful – while being heavy-duty and suitable for large projects, it features an ergonomic design and a super comfortable grip. In addition, the durable construction makes this gun a favorite among builders; whether they’re using it for plumbing in their home or electronics in their workplace – it’s truly built to last. On the other hand, due to the exceptional accuracy, the instrument can be used for computer chips and other projects with great detail.

Weller D550 photo

This soldering gun’s 260/200 watts make it fairly potent and allow it to heat up quickly. Moreover, the gun holds an even temperature, lowering heat decreases & raises, enabling you to perform challenging tasks with accuracy. Plus, such resilience prevents damage to the instrument itself during extensive use.

The combination of build quality, strength, ease of use, and affordable price makes Waller D550 outshine its competitors (even a high-end product Wall Lenk LG400C with its premium components). You can’t go wrong with the D550 – this is the overall best soldering gun available on today’s market that can handle just about any project you throw at it!

Key specs

  • Wattage, W: 260/200
  • Temperature range, ºC: 482-593
  • Weight, g: 1225


  • Great design – modern and stylish look
  • Well-balanced due to the proper weight
  • Powerful and stable
  • The set includes a range of helpful accessories
  • Fingertip trigger with straightforward adjustability.


  • The handle might become a bit hot
  • The lights may get loose and stop operating.

Weller 9400PKS – budget

Weller 9400PKS

There are several soldering guns from Weller on my list, and for a good reason – as I mentioned above, this brand produces only high-quality, safe products. And if you are browsing for a solid solder gun that won’t ruin your family budget, you may stop your search here!

The Weller 9400PKS is a quality 5-in-1 soldering gun kit for hobbyists and general use with unique features. For example, it heats up in under 6 seconds, so you can start working on your project almost immediately. Plus, the two trigger positions allow you to regulate the power from high (900°F) to medium (600°F).

This soldering gun is made to be comfortable and simple to operate. The pistol-shape grip is co-molded to fit your hand perfectly, and the soft, non-slip handle ensures that the tool won’t slip out of your hand.

Weller 9400PKS photo

But what I like the most about the 9400PKS is its three built-in LEDs that help to illuminate the project and eliminate any tip shadow. This feature is especially handy when you’re working in a confined space.

Weller 9400PKS is the best budget electronic soldering gun suitable for anyone with any level of experience. Although it can’t boast professional-grade components like Weller D550, it still features a decent quality and even surpasses its big brother in terms of LED lights. So, if you’re a novice soldering looking for an affordable, nice-performing instrument, do consider this babe!

Key specs

  • Wattage, W: 140/100
  • Temperature range, ºC: 0-482
  • Weight, g: 998


  • Compact, ergonomic, and easily portable
  • Warms up fast
  • Adjustable level of heat
  • Offers excellent control
  • The handle stays cool.


  • Not good for tiny projects – can’t fit into tight areas
  • Insufficiently powerful for serious projects
  • A bit stiff trigger.

Wall Lenk LG400C – premium

Wall Lenk LG400C

Wall Lenk company started over 150 years ago, and nowadays, it is regarded as a market leader in producing a wide range of premium-quality heated instruments. Their LG400C soldering gun has plenty of features to boast of and is engineered with professionals in mind.

This American-made high-performance tool comes with two heat settings to help you conserve energy while also multitasking and finishing your project faster. The high wattage immediately warms up the tip (perfect for when you need to get down to business quickly), while the lower wattage keeps the temperature constant (perfect for long hours working on projects).

The trig-r-heat control is conveniently located and simple to operate, giving you immediate results. This soldering gun’s tip temperatures of 1000 degrees Fahrenheit make it perfect for intense or long-term soldering. Plus, the built-in work light illuminates your projects so you can see what you’re doing even in low lighting conditions. Finally, the tip and element (TE) components are interchangeable plug-in units, making it easy to keep your workspace clean.

Wall Lenk LG400C case

Wall Lenk LG400C competes head to head with Weller D550, but while the D550 features an excellent price-quality ratio and is suitable for both newbies and professionals, the LG400C satisfies the needs of the most critical users.

If you are looking for a premium-quality professional soldering gun that performs accurately and super fast, Wall Lenk LG400C has got you covered! It has all bells and whistles you may expect from a top-notch instrument!

Key specs

  • Wattage, W: 400/150
  • Temperature range, ºC: 0-538
  • Weight, g: 1043


  • Built to last – uses thick bakelite.
  • Excellent for heavy applications
  • Heats up in seconds
  • Retains heat well
  • Decent, long cord
  • Quality blow-molded box.


  • A trigger is a bit hard to pull.

Weller D650PK – also a great choice

Weller D650PK

Another product by Weller that makes it into my list is Weller D650PK, which prioritizes overall quality and reliability. Although the D650PK can’t boast such versatility as our champ Weller D550, the materials it’s made of and workmanship are first class – the housing is robust enough to withstand some knocks.

This 120V industrial soldering gun has plenty of power for big, demanding jobs. In addition, it has two heat settings that allow you to customize your soldering experience. The high wattage setting gives you 300 watts of power, while the low wattage setting provides 200 watts – this makes the gun perfect for a variety of soldering applications.

Weller D650PK picture

The heavy-gauge, high-efficiency, tin-plated copper tip ensures that your solder joints are solid and reliable. Besides, the twin lights provide ample illumination so that you can see what you’re doing. Actually, this tool generates much better visibility than most guns out there (even Weller D650PK). Finally, the gun gets fully hot in 4 seconds, making it a great choice for quick soldering jobs.

Weller D650PK is another great option from this brand’s line. Despite they say it’s a heavy-duty soldering gun (which is totally true!), it’s ergonomic and compact, making it super comfortable to operate. If those are features you are looking for, do consider this model!

Key specs

  • Wattage, W: 300/200
  • Temperature range, ºC: 482 – 593
  • Weight, g: 2268


  • Solid-feel body
  • Compact and well-balanced – reduce stress on your hands
  • Is ready to use in no time
  • Easily replaceable tip
  • Nicely made case.


  • UL and cUL certified
  • The body may get hot if working a lot.

ATD Tools 3740

ATD Tools 3740

ATD Tools brand has been around since 1977; they focus on manufacturing quality and safe automotive equipment at reasonable prices.

Their 3740 model is a fully-accessorized soldering kit perfect for both beginners and pros. All included accessories are aimed to make your work easier and more efficient.

The dual heat settings of 230 or 150 watts provide a perfect amount of heat for any project, while the adjustable temperature control ensures that you can find the right setting every time. Further, a cutting tip helps to make precise cuts, while the flux brush ensures that your work area is clean and residue-free.

ATD Tools 3740 in case

The lead-free solder is also an excellent choice for those looking for an eco-friendly option. Last but not least, this gun is cUL listed, meaning that it has been safety tested and approved for use.

This ATD Tools 3740 soldering gun is a great option for those looking for precision and control. You won’t go wrong with this instrument!

Key specs

  • Wattage, W: 300/200
  • Temperature range, ºC: 482 – 593
  • Weight, g: 2268


  • Rugged and solid tool
  • Performs great right out of the box
  • Tips do the job right
  • Heats quickly


  • Doesn’t include manual instruction
  • It may be challenging to find a tip replacement.

Soldering gun buying guide

There are various types of solder guns on the market and deciding which one is appropriate for you might be tough. This guide will assist you in selecting the best solder gun for your requirements.

Solder gun wattage

When choosing a solder gun, it is essential to consider the wattage. The wattage indicates the power of the gun and determines how quickly it can heat up. Gun wattages may vary from 30 watts to 100 watts. Most guns fall in the 60-80 watt range. If you’re working on a project that requires a lot of power, you might want to go with a higher-wattage gun.

Temperature control

Some guns have a temperature control option, while others have a preset temperature. I do think that adjustable temperature is a feature you should look for – it makes it possible to control the temp based on the type of solder you’re using and the task you’re working on. Suppose you are working, for instance, with delicate materials, wires, or other electronic components. In that case, you will definitely want to choose a soldering gun with a temperature control knob so you can adjust the heat as needed.

Soldering gun tips

Because solder gun tips exist in a range of forms and sizes, it’s critical to pick the proper one for your purposes. The chisel and conical solder gun tips are the most widespread. The chisel tip is suitable for general purpose use, while the conical tip is better for precision work.

Further, it’s better to opt for a solder gun with a replaceable tip. Some devices may only take replacement tips from a specific manufacturer, making them more challenging to come by and ultimately costing you more money. So, do check whether the tip is easily replaceable before making a purchase!

Soldering gun vs iron

Many people think that a soldering gun and soldering iron are identical instruments, but they aren’t – each of these instruments serves its own purpose. The finest tool for you is determined by the project you’re working on. So, let’s find out the exact difference between a soldering iron and a soldering gun.

A soldering gun resembles a pistol and is designed for large-scale applications (e.g., home appliances, devices, radio circuits, etc.). It operates on a low voltage current, generates more heat, and warms up faster than a soldering iron.

On the other hand, a soldering iron is a weightless hand tool designed for light electric jobs and other delicate, precision projects. It’s more user-friendly and easier to control than a soldering gun.


What is the greatest advantage of using a soldering gun?

The greatest advantage of using a soldering gun is that it can provide a solid and secure connection between two pieces of metal. This is because the gun heats the metal to a much higher temperature than a regular soldering iron, which allows the metal to flow more easily and create a stronger bond. Additionally, soldering guns are much more versatile than regular soldering irons, as they can be used for various tasks such as welding and brazing.

Can I use a soldering gun for electronics?

Yes, you can use a soldering gun for electronics. However, it is important to note that soldering guns are not as precise as regular irons, so you may need to be more careful when working with delicate electronic components. Additionally, the high heat output of a soldering gun can damage some types of electronic components, so it is important to consult your product’s documentation before using a soldering gun.

What size soldering gun do I need?

The size of the soldering gun you need will depend on the task you intend to use it for. If you are working with large pieces of metal, then you will need a larger soldering gun that can output more heat. However, if you work with small electronic components, then a smaller soldering gun will be sufficient.

What are the types of soldering guns?

The two most common types of soldering guns are pistol-grip and trigger-operated. Pistol-grip soldering guns are designed to be held in one hand, while trigger-operated soldering guns require two hands. Both types of soldering guns can output a high amount of heat, so it is important to choose the type that is best suited for your needs.

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