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Trickle Charger is designed to refresh the car battery at very low amperage, thereby allowing the battery to be left for a longer-term without overcharging. The Best Trickle Chargers can easily detect the charge level of the battery and adjust the amperage accordingly, and this prevents off-gassing. The term Trickle Charger is used to refer the battery charger which charges the car battery at very low amperage.

These battery chargers are meant to put out a variety of amperage to charge the car battery gradually or quickly according to the need. Some of the Trickle Chargers can be left connected to a battery for a long term without overcharging the battery, and this type of charger is referred to as floater chargers. It is necessary for you to review the manual of the manufacturer to know which type of charger you need before leaving the battery connected to a charger for more than a couple of days.

How to Connect a Trickle Charger for a Car Battery?

There are very few steps which you are required to follow in order to connect the Trickle Charger to your car battery for charging. But before you move ahead, it is essential that you know the basic things which are required for connecting the charger to the car battery. Apart from the Trickle Charger you also need to have a power cable, a set of steel clips to hold tight, and the car battery that needs the charging. Below you will come across with step by step guide to connecting the car battery to Trickle Charger for charging.

Step One

You need to set the switch on the front panel of Trickle Charger to the optimal voltage for car battery charging. To charge the battery of trucks, automobile or marine batteries you need to set it to 12V

Step Two

Now you need to scrub the terminal of the battery separately using a piece of steel wool so as to remove all the corrosions and to ensure a better connection with the Trickle Charger.

Step Three

Now you need to take the large black alligator clip at the end of one of Trickle Charger cables to connect it to the negative terminal on the battery. The red alligator clip on another end of the cable needs to be connected to the positive terminal of the battery.

Step Four

You need to connect the Trickle Charger to the electrical outlet and switch it on.

After all

You are required to run the Trickle Charger for about 2-3 days and then disconnect it for a month so prevent the chance of overcharging. However, you can keep the floater chargers connected to the car battery for several days, but it is suggested that you check the battery at least once in every 30-60 days. As mentioned, it is necessary for the car owners to check the manual of the car manufacturer to know if the floater charger is right for your car battery or you need to use the standard Trickle Charger for charging your car battery.

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