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Trickle charger is nothing but a car battery charger and you can leave the charger in the battery for a long period of time and you can recharge the battery whenever you want. If this happens so then the charge will be slowly added to the battery from the trickle charger. There are also many opinions coming in for how long the charger can be left on a battery and what will happen if the battery has been charging continuously. Let us see about them in detail in the following paragraphs.

The main purpose of the invention of the best trickle chargers are if a vehicle is needed for an emergency or for any unexpected situation then at that time people should not go in search of an alternate vehicle due to the depleted battery. Trickle chargers will always maintain level full and make the vehicles always ready for use. This is the main use of this charger. Also, trickle charger can be used on the vehicle which is not used very often. Let us see how to use them.

How to connect the charger and use them in the car

Trickle charges will make use of the battery regulator which maintains the charging level to the constant level. The main condition to charge a battery is based on the rate at which the battery discharges the charge. By this way you can maintain the full battery level and also the battery will not get damaged. If you deviate from checking this condition then for sure the battery will be damaged. Trickle chargers can be connected in a car for months. Before doing so, check the manual of your charger and accordingly you can leave the charger in your car. Trickle chargers can be used to charge the batteries of various capacity.

Trickle charger consists of a box where the guts related to the charger reside and it consists of a cable for power and two clips. The manual is given for connecting them. Before connecting, set the voltage and the amps for the battery. Check all the buttons if they are working fine before connecting them to the power. By this way you can assemble the trickle charger and before you begin the process of connecting the charger to the battery, check whether the vehicle is parked in a place which is of full ventilation and that place should be free of rain. Why because, more of hydrogen gas will be emitted during charging process which will create even fire. So, make sure the ignition is turned off in the car and the key is removed.

Is trickle charger bad?

So far we have seen about the usage of the trickle charger and how it is connected to the car for charging. Now let us see whether it is good or bad for the car. Trickle charger is an advanced method to charge the car battery, Inspite of this it is bad for the car battery because due to over-charging of the battery it gets damaged. Life time of the battery is reduced by trickle chargers. So, trickle charger is bad for the car battery.

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