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Unfortunately, the battery is a very fragile device, it is influenced by a variety of factors, which often negatively affect its performance. So, for example, when the air temperature decreases, the reactions in the battery slow down, its capacity decreases naturally, As a result, the battery may lose more than half its power and lose the ability to start the motor. Also, the negligence of the warrior, which he forgets when the headlights, radio or other equipment is turned on, leads to a complete discharge of the battery.

Consequently, the battery plates are affected by sulfation, which also affects its capacity.

What is needed to restore the battery?

To restore the battery, you will need a charger with a desulfation mode or a series of training charges with small currents. In this case, it is necessary to determine the characteristics of the battery that will help you choose the best trickle charger.

The recovery process is not fast, but it is possible to return the battery to the working condition. First, under the influence of the short-term effects of small currents, plates are desulfated.

Then you need to determine the state of the battery with a constant value of the charging current and a slight increase in voltage. Then you need to carry out two more important stages: the volume charge, which allows the battery to take the main amount of charge, and the charge aimed at increasing the absorption capacity of the battery.

Particular attention should be paid to the last stage, most of the used chargers at the end of the charging process lead to the “boiling” of the electrolyte, which negatively affects the battery life. This can be avoided by pulse chargers, as well as devices that switch to a special support mode at the end of charge.

The charging process will be considered complete when the voltage at the terminals is still 14.4 Volts, and the current drops to values equal to 0.2 A.

If your battery is very dead, you can still bring it back to life. True, this will require a professional-level charger or homemade with the necessary functions that were described above in this article. In addition, the process of restoring normal battery operation will take a lot of time. In some cases, up to several days.

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